Friday, May 20, 2011

Mini Golf (Pitch Putt) in Shoreham by Sea (I think)!

On our little tour of the South Coast between Hastings and Worthing we spotted another 'Mini Golf' at Shoreham by Sea (I think). We didn't play it as we were running short on time, and it was a Pitch & Putt variety of Miniature Golf.

Crazy World of Minigolf Tour


Anonymous said...

The location of this course is Kingsway, Hove on the A259 and not Shoreham-by-Sea.

Richard Gottfried said...

Thank you for your comment 'Anonymous'. I wasn't sure it was Shoreham-by-Sea, when I first wrote this post I put "(I think)"!

I've heard from someone else it wasn't in Shoreham, but hadn't got round to changing it on the blog!

There weren't any signs indicating exactly where we were as we travelled from Hove towards Worthing.