Tuesday, May 17, 2011

£2 Tat Challenges at 'The Buttons' in Hastings - May 2011

There were two "£2 Tat Challenges" at 'The Buttons' in Hastings over the World Adventure Golf Masters weekend, with minigolfers tearing themselves away from practice at the Adventure Golf course to try their hand at the challenge of winning the most amount of prizes from the 2p falls machines!

In the afternoon session on Friday the 13th May Richard Gottfried walked away the winner, while in the evening session, also on the 13th, Alan Norman stormed to victory in a sudden play-off after three players tied with six pieces of Tat won!

Afternoon Results:
Richard 'Tat Mon' Gottfried - 10 pieces of Tat won
Seth 'Buttons' Thomas - 8
Alan 'Penny' Norman - 8
James 'Ruthers' Rutherford - 5
Brad 'The Claw' Shepherd - 4*
Emily 'Lemony' Gottfried - DNP
Oliver 'Slot Machine' Florence - DNP
Michael 'Richard Skeggs' Skaggs - DNP
* Brad was Disqualified after he 'lorst' his Tat!

Evening Results:
Alan 'Penny' Norman - 6 pieces of Tat won - +1 won in the 50p sudden-death play-off**
Nick 'Slow and Steady Wins The Race' Sandqvist - 6
James 'Ruthers' Rutherford - 6
Richard 'Tat Mon' Gottfried - 5
Emily 'Lemony' Gottfried - 5
Oliver 'Slot Machine' Florence - 4
Brad 'The Claw' Shepherd - 4
Seth 'Buttons' Thomas - 2
Michael 'Richard Skeggs' Skaggs - DNP
** After the event, Alan exchanged 37 pieces of Tat from the overall winner's swag-bag that he won for one Pingu Teddy Bear that he promptly called 'Penny'!?

£2 Tat Challenge Hall of Fame
#1 - Paul Johnson - 9 pieces of Tat
#2 - Richard Gottfried - 10 pieces of Tat
#3 - Alan Norman - 6 pieces of Tat +1

Photos from the afternoon session.
Note: No photo exists for Seth Thomas and his prizes!?

Photos from the evening session.

The "£2 Tat Challenge" amusements contest was created by Scott ‘Donkey Gringo’ Lancley (the International Worlds Crazy Air Squash Champion) and Emily ‘Coach’ Gottfried, with the very first edition of the event taking place in October 2010 during the World Crazy Golf Championships weekend in Hastings.

A "£2 Tat Challenge" Order of Merit is being formulated! Suggestions on its calculation welcome...?

Other Amusements Photos:

Non-participant Michael Skaggs goes for a ride

Alan Norman braves serious injury by taking on Brad Shepherd at Air Hockey - a risky business indeed, especially in Hastings!

Ruthers and some Meerkats

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