Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tenpin Bowling Summed Up

"To love bowling is to be so supremely secure or so culturally naive as to shrug off the pall of utter unhipness that shadows all who celebrate the skill of throwing a 16-pound orb at a single spot down an oiled patch of wood (or something that looks like it) 60 feet long and 42 inches wide."

Andrew Putz, The Cleveland Scene, August 10, 2000

The Running Man - Classic Quote

"WHITMAN, PRICE, AND HADDAD!!! You remember them! There they are now, BASKING under the Maui sun."

According to Damon Killian, host of "The Running Man," Whitman, Price, and Haddad are "last seasons winners" of the Running Man gameshow. According to the bounty hunter named Fireball, played by ex-NFL running back and Hall of Famer Jim Brown, Whitman, Price, and Haddad are "last season's losers." Regardless, these three contestants are found dead and severely burned by Maria Conchita Alonzo in the musky bosom of the gameshow's playing ground.

What's in a Minigolf Kitbag?

A selection of specialist Minigolf balls and a Funsports Putter!

Minigolf sport balls and a Funsports putter

Snow Day Crazy Golf Course

Car Park Snow Golf

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

“Disappointing BMGA Tour start for the Gottfrieds.”

The Luton News and Dunstable Gazette newspapers featured a story about our participation in the first event of the 2008 BMGA Tour at the Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club Open and the tournament results on page 66 of the Sports Section in the Wednesday 19th March Edition.


Despite coming 25th and 26th respectively, the event was a good training opportunity for the upcoming British Championships that will also be played on the Planet Hastings course - a course that until this weekend, neither of us had played before!

Minigolf Season Opener – Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club Open Report

On Saturday 15th March Luton Minigolfers Richard and Emily Gottfried entered the field of 31 competitors in the Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club Open Championship 2008to play 72-holes, across the four Minigolf courses in Hastings .

The winner was Trevor Exall from Tunbridge Wells who achieved a winning total of 144 strokes, averaging two strokes per hole – a very impressive perfect score of Par overall on the tough Hastings courses.

Emily was impressive in only her second tournament on the BMGA Tour and finished as the 3rd best female player and 26th overall with a score of 182 (2.52 strokes per hole). Emily hit five holes-in-one over the four rounds and won through to a spot-prize play-off against eventual tournament winner Trevor Exall, unfortunately Emily hit a two while Trevor ‘Aced’ the hole to win.

Richard finished his 11th BMGA Tour event in 25th place with a score of 181 (2.51 strokes per hole) and hitting 6 holes-in-one, but also scoring two sevens which put paid to his chances of finishing higher in the tournament.

The table below shows a breakdown and comparison of the scores over the four courses of the top three players and Richard & Emily Gottfried.
Pos Player Adv Cra Min PH Total Aces 7's
1 Trevor Exall 35 39 37 33 144 10 0
2 Chris Harding 39 33 36 39 147 9 0
3 Tim Davies 41 35 38 36 150 10 0
25 Richard Gottfried 48 35 47 51 181 6 2
26 Emily Gottfried 48 42 44 48 182 5 0

The table below shows a breakdown and comparison of the scores over the four courses of the top six female players.
Pos Player Adv Cra Min PH Total Aces 7's
1 Jo Williamson 44 40 37 44 165 6 0
2 Sue Forrest 43 41 46 44 174 4 0
3 Emily Gottfried 48 42 44 48 182 5 0
4 Cindy Kukielka 45 40 47 58 190 5 1
5 Marion Homer 46 40 49 65 200 2 2
6 Janette Robertson 51 42 52 56 201 3 1

During the tournament the course record at the Seafront Crazy Golf course, which was previously held by Richard Gottfried was broken by Brad Shepherd of the London Minigolf Club who scored a 28, breaking the previous record of 32 and scoring eight holes-in-one in the process.

The next tournament on the BMGA Tour sees Richard travel to Southend-on-Sea to play for the BMGA British Masters title and compete in the BMGA British Matchplay Championships against British Number 5 Andy Exall.

Friday, March 07, 2008

3rd Place Finish for Ham & Eggers Bowling Team

The Ham & Eggers Tenpin Bowling Team achieved a measure of success yesterday evening by striking a third place finish in the Macmillan Cancer Support Annual Bowling Challenge held at Namco Station Luton.

New champions were also crowned with the Flecney Four out-bowling defending, and two-time, champions Plumbs DIY.

In the 2007 Macmillan Cancer Support Annual Bowling Challenge the Ham & Eggers finished in 6th place of nine teams with a team score of 814, so the 2008 result in reaching the podium is a big improvement.

The scores within the Ham & Eggers Team were as follows:
Richard Gottfried - 109 & 111 = 220
Emily Gottfried - 111 & 119 = 230
Mike Wright - 96 & 126 = 222
Mystery Player - 88 & 75 = 163
Team Total - 404 & 431 = 835
Team MVP - Emily Gottfried (2 years running)