Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year... Ham & Eggers everywhere!

Gottfried Wins, Gottfried Wins, Gottfried Wins

(Luton, 21.12.07) In the battle of the UK's Top Finger Jousters Richard Gottfried held onto his one-year undefeated streak by beating his arch-rival Emily Gottfried 6-2 in Point Play Rules.

The match started well for Richard who scored two quick points by hitting both of Emily's legs, followed by a twisting neck shot for a further two. However, Emily fought back and hit a two-pointer with a questionable 'low chest' shot on Richard to bring her back into the game. But a win for Emily was not on the cards and by planting two well placed shots onto Emily's right leg Richard extended his undefeated streak to 48 wins since 21st December 2006.

Commenting on his well-earned victory Richard said "Emily has proven time and again to be a tough opponent and excellent proponent of the art of Finger Jousting, but I'm on a hot streak at the moment and it won't be long until I am crowned as the Undisputed Worlds Finger Jousting Champion."

Richard Gottfried's 'Pro' Finger Jousting Record (31.10.06 - 21.12.07)
Played 85
Won 80
Lost 4
Tied 1
% Won 94.12%

Photo - Hands locked and ready for battle.

Happy Birthday Ham & Egger Files!

Today is the first Birthday of the Ham & Egger Files website!

Over the past year the progress of the UK's top Obscure Sportsmen and Women have been charted on this site, with tales of heroic triumph and mediocrity in sports including Minigolf, Finger Jousting and Ten Pin Bowling.

Here's to the next year of sporting fun!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Finger Jousting - Match of the Year

In a match-up bigger than Ali vs Foreman, Andre vs Hogan, Ace Man vs Big Top or Hatton vs Mayweather, tomorrow (21/12/07) sees Gottfried vs Gottfried in a face-off between the UK's top two Finger Jousters.

Heading into the match Richard Gottfried is on a one-year, 47-bout undefeated streak that began on 21/12/06 when he beat tomorrow's opponent Emily Gottfried. The streak began on the same day he suffered only his 9th loss (4th of his 'Pro' Career), which ironically came at the hands (index finger?) of Emily herself.

Tale of the tape:
vs. Win-Loss Record - Emily 2 & 16, Richard 16 & 2
Richard Gottfried Career Win-Loss Record Stats
Played 98
Won 88
Lost 9
Tied 1
% Won 89.80%

Tomorrow's Match will be played to official World Finger Jousting Federation (WFJF)
'Point Play Rules' see below.

"In point play, different parts of the body count for different amounts of points. The legs and latent arm count as one point. The chest, back, and neck count as two points. The head counts as three points. Point play matches are played to six for tournaments, but when playing leisurely any number above two is allowed."

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Homer Simpson: Now what do you have to wash that awful taste out of my mouth?
Vendor at the World Trade Center: Mountain Dew or crab juice.
Homer Simpson: Blecch! Ew! Sheesh! I'll take a crab juice.

Mmmm Crab juice, I mean Mountain Dew.

80p a can overseas import, great stuff!

Sir Cliff Richard...On Crazy Golf!

“The most bizarre tournament of the universe” Sir Cliff Richard commenting on the Virgin Money World Crazy Golf Championship 2007, on The One Show, BBC1, 7th December 2007.

“Richard’s Crazy Ambition” Beds Life

“Richard’s Crazy Ambition” Beds Life, The Newspaper for the University of Bedfordshire, December 2007 Issue.

Back Page Sports story in the Staff and Student Newspaper of my 'Alma mater' about my debut season, including a photo of me Putting on the 16th at Margate.

Virgin Media Crazy Golf Photos and Video

Monday, December 10, 2007

Transworld Sport Coverage, Channel 4, 10th November 07

Coverage of the Virgin Money World Crazy Golf Championships on Transworld Sport.

The One Show, BBC 1, 7th December 07

Coverage of the battle between the 76th and 77th best Crazy Golfers in the World, Colin Jackson and Phil Tufnell.

The link to The One Show Games is here:

The link to the BBC player is here:

European Tour Weekly - Official Link

05 Dec 2007 14:00

'ETW 496 - World Crazy Golf Championships - Feature - We catch up with all the action from the World Crazy Golf Championships in Hastings.'

Official Link to the Sky Sports 3 Programme 'European Tour Weekly' feature on the Virgin Money World Crazy Golf Championships.

Friday, December 07, 2007

“Virgin Money World Crazy Golf Coverage” European Tour Weekly, Sky Sports 3

“Virgin Money World Crazy Golf Coverage” from the TV Programme European Tour Weekly, Sky Sports 3 on 5th December 2007.

You can see me and 'The Coach' at the 3min 19sec mark!