Thursday, December 20, 2007

Finger Jousting - Match of the Year

In a match-up bigger than Ali vs Foreman, Andre vs Hogan, Ace Man vs Big Top or Hatton vs Mayweather, tomorrow (21/12/07) sees Gottfried vs Gottfried in a face-off between the UK's top two Finger Jousters.

Heading into the match Richard Gottfried is on a one-year, 47-bout undefeated streak that began on 21/12/06 when he beat tomorrow's opponent Emily Gottfried. The streak began on the same day he suffered only his 9th loss (4th of his 'Pro' Career), which ironically came at the hands (index finger?) of Emily herself.

Tale of the tape:
vs. Win-Loss Record - Emily 2 & 16, Richard 16 & 2
Richard Gottfried Career Win-Loss Record Stats
Played 98
Won 88
Lost 9
Tied 1
% Won 89.80%

Tomorrow's Match will be played to official World Finger Jousting Federation (WFJF)
'Point Play Rules' see below.

"In point play, different parts of the body count for different amounts of points. The legs and latent arm count as one point. The chest, back, and neck count as two points. The head counts as three points. Point play matches are played to six for tournaments, but when playing leisurely any number above two is allowed."

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