Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Swingers Crazy Golf in London

Brand new Crazy Golf course by The Institute of Competitive Socialising to open in Shoreditch, London in September 2014.

Update: Check out the blog post from our visit to the course on the 24th September 2014.

Loopy fun - one of the BIG minigolf obstacles on the Swingers Crazy Golf course in Shoreditch. Set to open on the 25th September 2014 you can find out more about booking tickets at the club website 

The concept of Swingers is to have a Crazy Golf course, street food and a pop-up cocktail bar all under one roof and operating under the banner of 'competitive socialising'.

Check out the Swingers Crazy Golf website for more details and an artist's impression of the course and clubhouse. You can also sign-up to the mailing list to hear more about the course as it develops.

Swingers Crazy Golf is the next concept of Josh Ford, founder of the Winterwell Festival - the home of extraordinary events.

We're looking forward to visiting and playing the course when it opens.

- Swingers Crazy Golf website
- Swingers Crazy Golf on Twitter

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Richard Gottfried said...

Swingers Crazy Golf in Shoreditch, London will be opening on Thursday 25th September.

- Swingers London Crazy Golf website (full site coming soon)

Richard Gottfried said...

The new Swingers London Crazy Golf Club website has gone live ahead of the venue's launch in September.

The 9-hole Crazy Golf course and clubhouse bar/restaurant will be open for three-months from Thursday 25th of September.

Swingers Crazy Golf will be located at 7-11 Hearn Street (Off Curtain Road), London, EC2A 3LS and open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 6.30pm until midnight.

Check out the Swingers website for more information and to sign-up to the mailing list.

Swingers Crazy Golf is also on Twitter @SwingersLDN and on Facebook at the Institute of Competitive Socialising.

Richard Gottfried said...

Check out the blog post from our visit to Swingers Crazy Golf course on the 24 September at "Swingers Crazy Golf course in Shoreditch."

Richard Gottfried said...

I've heard via the Swingers Crazy Golf enewsletter that the Swingers course and clubhouse will return in autumn 2015, bigger and better and in a permanent venue!

Check out the Swingers website and Twitter for more info on the course. You can sign-up to the newsletter there too.

Blog - Playing the new Swingers Crazy Golf course in Shoreditch.

Richard Gottfried said...

On my recent trip to London I visited the indoor minigolf venue at Swingers Crazy Golf.

Check out the full blog post at Swingers Crazy Golf in London.