Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fantasia Adventure Golf in Felixstowe

Results of a minigolf match at Fantasia Adventure Golf in Felixstowe.

On Sunday 8th of June 2014 we headed to Felixstowe for a day out at the seaside and had lovely weather for it.

We met up with our friends Sophia and Karl Moles and their daughter Fiorella (who is a BIG minigolf fan) and visited the 9-hole Fantasia Adventure Golf course on Sea Road for an obligatory game!

Fantasia Adventure Golf in Felixstowe
Fantasia Adventure Golf in Felixstowe

I also needed to get revenge for my loss to 'Karlos The Jackal' in our only other minigolf contest, when we'd had a round on the course in May 2011!

Fantasia Adventure Golf in Felixstowe
Fiorella Moles shows Richard, Karl and Sophia how to play the 5th hole at Felixstowe Adventure Golf

In that match-up, which also featured Annette Harper and Kallum Harper, Karl had won with a score of 28, to my round of 29. Annette shot a 33 to finish in third place, with Kallum in fourth on 42.

Fantasia Adventure Golf in Felixstowe
Karl playing his third shot on hole 5 'Rocky Tube'

This time round I was able to gain a measure of revenge and level the series with a score of 23, while Karl hit a 29. Fiorella won the junior championship with a score of 40.

Fantasia Adventure Golf in Felixstowe
Richard plays a double rebound shot on hole 3 'Twister' and scores a 2

I can't believe our previous match in Felixstowe was so long ago! It certainly doesn't feel like it was more than three years ago.

The date for the next contest between Karl and I in our Best-of-TBD series of matches is also to be decided...

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