Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Minigolf and Art in Croydon

Art-based miniature golf course opening in Croydon this summer.

Croydon-based art group TURF Projects is once again creating an art installation in the form of a playable Crazy Golf course.

The Minigolf course will be open every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday from Saturday 19th of July until Saturday 30th of August.

Art-based miniature golf course opening in Croydon this summer.

TURF Projects began in October 2013 and last year the nomadic artist-run project team of artists, filmmakers and architects created a temporary Mini Golf course in Croydon.

Sadly we heard about last year's event after it had happened, but we're looking forward to visiting and playing the new course.

The aim of the TURF Projects group is to shine a spotlight on the diverse, rapidly changing cultural landscape of Croydon, and provide opportunities for local residents and visitors to be involved.

The Putt Putt #2 art Mini Golf course will be curated by Alice Cretney and David McLeavy and will feature work by artists including AV Co-op, EXYZT, Natalie Finnemore, Iain Hales, Holly Hendry, Mark Scott-Wood, W A V E Y B O Y Z, WELCHWHITAKER and Liz West.

The Minigolf holes will be built using a variety of materials including marine plywood, pulped cardboard, concrete and glass, and the artists hope to produce a stunning backdrop to the traditional game of crazy golf.

On Saturday 2nd of August the team at Turf Projects are also organising a Minigolf team tournament on the course. For more information about the course and event get in touch with the Turf team on the links below.

- Turf Projects website
- Turf Projects on Twitter
- Turf Projects on Facebook
- PUTTPUTT#2 event on Facebook

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Richard Gottfried said...

On Thursday 28 August I made the trip to East Croydon to give the Putt Putt #2 Crazy Golf course art installation a play. Here's my blog post about the visit "Putt Putt #2 Crazy Golf in Croydon".

The course is free to play and open until Saturday 30 August 2014.