Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Malden's Jurassic Encounter Adventure Golf

Last night we re-visited minigolf course number 74 on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour (Jurassic Encounter Adventure Golf at World of Golf, New Malden).

It was the first time we had teed-off since the last event of the 2009 BMGA Tour - the Kent Open - at the beginning of the month. The weather wasn't much better than at the Kent Open!

The contest between me and Emily also marked the start of the 2009-2010 Season of the Irregular Minigolf Tour.

Jurassic Encounter Adventure Golf in New Malden
Jurassic Encounter Adventure Golf in New Malden
After playing 18-holes Richard won after hitting a new personal best score of 42(+4), to Emily's 43(+5). In the matchplay scores Emily won 1-up.

Richard with his champion's certificate.
Jurassic Encounter Adventure Golf in New Malden
Emily with her runner-up certificate.
Jurassic Encounter Adventure Golf in New Malden
Videos from the visit last night:

After the first two rounds of the 2009-2010 Irregular Minigolf Tour it is a tie for first place with both Richard & Emily on 175 points.

There will be many many more Irregular Minigolf Tour events taking place throughout the season, with the next event due to take place at Devonshire Square in the run-up to Christmas.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

"Minigolf season comes to a close" - end of season report in the Luton News

Our end of season minigolf report appeared in this week's Luton News.

The story can also be read online here.

Thank you to the Luton News for their support and coverage of me and Emily's participation on the BMGA Tour this year.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Minigolf Doubles - Career Stats (Update)

Latest update of my career record for Minigolf Doubles matches since 17th May 2008.

Played - 26
Won - 12
Lost - 12
Drawn - 2

7 playing partners (current competition team mate is Kevin Moseley)
13 competitive matches
13 friendlies
20 matchplay matches
6 strokeplay format

Biggest winning margin to-date - 5&3 victory (with Andy Gonsalves) over Matt Smith & Fraser Cameron at Adventure Island Mini Golf at Star City, Birmingham.

Titles held:
- Second Division Champions at the 2009 BMGA British Doubles

Other Minigolf Doubles related stories on the Ham & Egger Files:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Richard Gottfried's Career Minigolf Record 2007-2009

Richard Gottfried's Career Minigolf Record 2007-2009

Richard Gottfried's BMGA Minigolf Tournament Results 2009

Richard Gottfried's BMGA Minigolf Tournament Results for the 2009 Season

Monday, November 16, 2009

When is a Minigolf Course not a Minigolf Course...

...on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour?

When it is one of these lone holes or automated (if out of order) Putting machines:

An out of order 'Putting Challenge' Machine up a cliff in Aberystwyth during our grand tour of Wales in August 2009.

A 'Putting Challenge' Machine up a cliff in Aberystwyth
A 'Putting Challenge' Machine up a cliff in Aberystwyth

A 'Top Putt' machine on Llandudno Pier in the summer.

A 'Top Putt' machine on Llandudno Pier
A 'Top Putt' machine on Llandudno Pier

A great little UrbanCrazy Hole at the International Direct Marketing Fair in May 2007.

A great little UrbanCrazy Hole at the International Direct Marketing Fair in May 2007

A 'Putting Challenge II' machine at Namco Station London in May 2007.

A 'Putting Challenge II' machine at Namco Station London in May 2007
For examples of courses counted as visits on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour check out the link here.

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Midlands Minigolf Club (MMGC) - Minigolf Rankings 2009

Following the conclusion of the 2009 British Minigolf Association Tour I have had a look at how the members of the Midlands Minigolf Club fared in the two Ranking Lists produced by the BMGA.

Midlands Minigolf Club - Ranking by BMGA Season-only Rankings 2009

In the BMGA Season-only Rankings 2009 I was ranked 2nd in the Midlands Minigolf Club (8th overall out of 164 ranked players). Emily was ranked 10th within the Club (37th overall)

Midlands Minigolf Club - Rankings by BMGA Order of Merit 2008-2009

In the BMGA Order of Merit 2008-2009 I was ranked 3rd in the Midlands Minigolf Club (16th overall out of 94 ranked players). Emily was ranked 6th within the Club (39th overall)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Update: 2009 BMGA Season-only Rankings

The 2009 BMGA Season-only Rankings were released today (15th November) and Richard again had a top ten finish.

Richard finished 8th of 164 players in the 2009 BMGA Season-only Rankings with 1,190 ranking points. He also finished 8th in 2008, when 129 players were ranked.

Emily dropped down slightly on her 2008 ranking, moving from 29th to 37th place of 164. Emily also finished as the 5th best woman of 25 ranked players.

Richard & Emily's full 2009 BMGA Minigolf Season Report can be seen here.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The 2009 BMGA Order of Merit Rankings 08-09 (end of season)

Gottfried's in the WMF World Minigolf Rankings (Nov 09)

The latest World Minigolfsport Federation (WMF) World Rankings List has been updated and released (dated 1st November, released 11th November).

Both Emily and I have moved down in the rankings from our previous positions.

In the last rankings Emily was ranked 100th and is now 130th in the Women's World Rankings.

I was previously ranked 352nd and am now 418th in the Men's World Rankings.

Great Britain is now ranked 24th of 30 Nations.

The WMF World Minigolf Rankings are those of the World Minigolfsport Federation (WMF) and are published twice annually. Competitions that earn WMF Ranking Points are predominantly played on Eternit, Beton and Swedish Felt Courses. For the purpose of the current rankings the results of the following tournaments have been included:

World Championships - Canegrate / Italy WC
Nations-Cup - Canegrate / Italy NC
National Championships of 21 Nations National
European-Cup - Eskilstuna / Sweden Comp.
Integrated Youth-Players of 2007/2 (50 % of points) Comp.

European Championships - Tampere / Finland Cont.Ch.
Asian Championships - Chiang Mai / Thailand Cont.Ch.
Nations-Cup - Tampere / Finland NC
National Championships of 20 Nations National
European-Cup - Hilzingen / Germany Comp.
Integrated Youth-Players of 2008/2 (50 % of points) Comp.

World Championships - Odense / Denmark WC
National Championships of 20 Nations National
European-Cup - Vaduz / Liechtenstein Comp.
Nordic Championships - Tampere / Finland Comp.
U23-Team-Competition - Sirnach / Switzerland Comp

Emily and I each have one Great Britain International Cap from our appearance in the 2008 Nations Cup in Tampere, Finland.

The full WMF World Rankings List can be seen here.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Irregular Mini Golf Tour Rankings 2008-2009 Season

During the third season of the Irregular Mini Golf Tour, held between the 31st October 2008 and 30th October 2009, 50 Tour events took place with 14 players competing for Ranking Points. The final table of the 2008-2009 season Irregular Mini Golf Tour rankings is below.

NM Non-Mover
NE New Entry

Irregular Mini Golf Tour Ranking Points Calculations 2008/2009:
1st place = 100 points
2nd place = 75 points
3rd place = 50 points
Other place = 10 points

Irregular Mini Golf Tour 07-08 Season (06/10/2007 - 29/09/2008):

Irregular Mini Golf Tour 06-07 Season (30/09/2006 - 30/09/2007):

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Minigolf Report – Gottfried’s End of Season Review

8th November 2009
Press Information
For Immediate Release

Minigolf Report – Gottfried’s End of Season Review

Luton Minigolfers Richard & Emily Gottfried’s 2009 minigolf season came to an end last week in Margate, Kent, following their participation in the British Minigolf Association’s biggest Tour Calendar to date. In total Richard competed in 18 of the 19 BMGA Tour Ranking Events he was eligible for, winning three of them. Emily played in seven tournaments with a best finish of second place.

In April, Richard won the Mini Masters at PlayGolf Manchester and followed this up on his next visit to Manchester by winning the Miniature Open title in July. In the Miniature Open Emily also had her most successful tournament to date when she won a play-off to finish in second spot. Richard’s third win of the season came in the Blackpool Pleasure Beach Open in September where he won by eight clear shots and also set the new BMGA and all-time course record at 24(par), stealing the course record rankings points from former holder Emily.

Only four other players won more than one tournament this year, and Richard was among only two other players to net three titles in 2009. Richard was also very close to sealing victory number four in early October when he attempted to defend the Weymouth Open title. After tying for the lead he lost a sudden-death play-off at the fourth extra hole and had to settle for second place (his second in two days after also finishing runner-up at the London Open in Staines). He did, however, set his second course record of the season at Weymouth with a 41(+5).

In the 2008-2009 BMGA Order of Merit Rankings published on the 7th November Richard finished the year in 16th spot of 74 players with a total of 3,022 points. This was slightly down on last year when he finished in 14th spot of 68 with 2,553 points. Emily however moved up seven places in the Order of Merit, this year finishing in her highest position to date, at 38th place with 692 points.

In the 2003-2009 Castle Golf World Crazy Golf Rankings list both Richard and Emily have made significant movements up the table following a good showing in this year’s World Crazy Golf Championships in Hastings. Richard moves up from 45th spot to 31st of 255 players, while Emily enters the top 50 at 50th place, up from 82nd spot.

In the World Minigolfsport Federation (WMF) World Minigolf Rankings list for International men’s competitions Richard is now ranked 352 of 365 players, up from 425th place of 433 last year. Emily meanwhile has moved up from 115th of 120 players to 100th position in the WMF women’s ranking list.

Richard has also competed in 12 non-Ranking minigolf tournaments alongside regular BMGA Tour events picking up three wins and six other podium places.

Richard said “Last year I had set myself the objective of winning more individual BMGA Tour events and breaking into the top five of the BMGA British Rankings. I’ve certainly won some titles but haven’t yet broken into the top five. In 2010 I’d like to continue my winning ways and I’d definitely like to be in the top ten by the end of the season.”

Emily said “I have really enjoyed this season, and although I only played in a handful of tournaments, I played much better and achieved a higher ranking than I expected.”

In the three month close-season Richard and Emily will be practicing at the recently refurbished Crazy Golf course at Tea Green Golf at Wandon End, Luton. In 2010 they will be back in action, first of all competing in the BMGA National Open at Star City in Birmingham, and there are around 20 further events scheduled for the Tour.


More photos of the Nutters with Putters on Eggheads

Kevin Botto of the Nutters with Putters quiz team has uploaded the photos he took of the team when they headed to the BBC to face-off against quiz show goliaths - the Eggheads.

A selection of the photos are below.

See also:

Photos courtesy of Kevin Botto.

Finger Jousting video - Squire Richard of Surleigh vs. Sir Myles of Hampshire

The UK's number one Finger Jouster Squire Richard of Surleigh takes on his arch-rival Sir Myles of Hampshire in a point play rules Finger Jousting match.

This match took place on the 25th March 2007.

Squire Richard of Surleigh battles Sir Myles of Hampshire in a Finger Jousting match-up

For more information about the noble sport of Finger Jousting head over to the World Finger Jousting Federation's website.

Finger Jousting - three years on!

I was checking out Montegue Blister's website and it got me thinking about the sport of Finger Jousting.

Looking through the WFJF archives I re-read the story announcing my arrival on the WFJF scene and noticed that I had joined exactly three years ago today! See here for more.

Checking out my Finger Jousting career win/loss record I dug out the following stats:

Played - 108 matches
Won - 98
Lost - 9
Tied - 1
% - 90.74%

I have faced 25 different opponents in 18 locations (including Luton, Ipswich, Great Yarmouth, Felixstowe, London, St Albans, Abingdon, Wallingford, Portsmouth, Brighton and Finland!) and I am also on a 57-match winning streak that has lasted since my last defeat on 21st December 2006!

Squire Richard of Surleigh's Coat of Arms, with Motto (translation: Through effort to the stars)

Details of official World Finger Jousting Federation (WFJF) 'Point Play Rules' are below.

"In point play, different parts of the body count for different amounts of points. The legs and latent arm count as one point. The chest, back, and neck count as two points. The head counts as three points. Point play matches are played to six for tournaments, but when playing leisurely any number above two is allowed."

Check out the World Finger Jousting Federation website for more information.

Montegue Blister's Strange Games

Check out Montegue Blister's Strange Games website at for details of loads of strange sports, games and pastimes.

The fine sport of Finger Jousting gets a listing.

Minigolf and Crazy Golf both get listed too!

"Top 10 finish for Gottfried" Luton News

The Luton News reported on the final tournament on the 2009 BMGA Tour with the story "Top 10 finish for Gottfried."

You can read the full story here.

Thank you to the team at the Luton News for their support and coverage of me and Emily during the minigolf season, it is very much appreciated.

Still not played - Cliftonville Crazy Golf!

Prior to last Sunday's Kent Open minigolf tournament we popped along to the little Oasis Crazy Golf Course in Cliftonvolle, Margate hoping to be able to play the second 18-hole Arnold Palmer course.

Unfortunately it was closed (again!) so wasn't the 156th course played on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour.

Perhaps I'll get to play it in 2010!

You can check out my previous attempts to play the course here.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Minigolf Report – Kent Open

2nd November 2009
Press Information
For Immediate Release

Minigolf Report – Kent Open

Luton Minigolfer Richard Gottfried picked up his tenth top 10 finish of the season as he finished in 8th spot of 24 players in the season closing Kent Open in Margate on Sunday 1st November.

In very wet weather conditions at the 18-hole Strokes Adventure Golf course Richard managed rounds of 44 (+8), 41 (+5) and 36 (par) for a 54-hole total of 121 (+13).

The tournament was won following a play-off by London’s Nick Chitty with a score of 108 (par).

Richard said “Despite the terrible weather I managed to put together some good rounds. Last year I was 13th here so to get 8th place and another top ten finish is great.”

The new BMGA Season begins in January 2010 when Richard will be competing in the BMGA National Open at Star City, Birmingham.