Sunday, November 08, 2009

Finger Jousting - three years on!

I was checking out Montegue Blister's website and it got me thinking about the sport of Finger Jousting.

Looking through the WFJF archives I re-read the story announcing my arrival on the WFJF scene and noticed that I had joined exactly three years ago today! See here for more.

Checking out my Finger Jousting career win/loss record I dug out the following stats:

Played - 108 matches
Won - 98
Lost - 9
Tied - 1
% - 90.74%

I have faced 25 different opponents in 18 locations (including Luton, Ipswich, Great Yarmouth, Felixstowe, London, St Albans, Abingdon, Wallingford, Portsmouth, Brighton and Finland!) and I am also on a 57-match winning streak that has lasted since my last defeat on 21st December 2006!

Squire Richard of Surleigh's Coat of Arms, with Motto (translation: Through effort to the stars)

Details of official World Finger Jousting Federation (WFJF) 'Point Play Rules' are below.

"In point play, different parts of the body count for different amounts of points. The legs and latent arm count as one point. The chest, back, and neck count as two points. The head counts as three points. Point play matches are played to six for tournaments, but when playing leisurely any number above two is allowed."

Check out the World Finger Jousting Federation website for more information.


Anonymous said...

You, sir, are a god among jousters!

The Lord of the Joust said...

You probably have more finger jousting matches played than anyone in the world besides me which is amazing considering you are a professional in miniature golf as well. Good job, good sir.