Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SUGAR & SPICE: Wroxham Barns - a great day out !

SUGAR & SPICE: Wroxham Barns - a great day out !: "It was the first weekend of the school holidays and the sun was shining. We wanted to take the kids out somewhere but it wasn't quite warm e..."

Good blog post about Wroxham Barns - it is a great place for a day out. Home to a very good Minigolf course - and several British Minigolf Association Tour Events!

Up to 15th spot of 40 players in the GMGC Minigolf Ranking List

Following my fourth place finish in last week's GMGC Club Tournament I have now moved up to 15th (from 19th) in the 40 player Green Mini Golf Club Ranking List.

My GMGC Minigolf Handicap has reduced from +8 to +6.

Wandsworth's Seth Thomas, Oxford's Michael Smith and Lewisham's James Rutherford remain at the top of the GMGC Rankings.

No 'Mini Golf' at The Kimberley Hotel in Hong Kong

While World Traveller Emily 'Coach' Gottfried was in Hong Kong last week a cursory internet search showed that The Kimberley Hotel in Kowloon had a 'Mini Golf'!

However, when Emily visited all she found was some Golf Driving Range Nets - I suppose, it is technically a type of Mini Golf.

Minigolf Spotted in Hong Kong! It's at the YMCA!

Links to other courses visited, played and not-played on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour

Michael's Animation blog: Crazy golf- Easter holiday tasks

Michael's Animation blog: Crazy golf- Easter holiday tasks: "Over the three-week Easter holiday, I have been set a range of tasks relating to the planning and pre-produciton of my CG crazy golf animati..."

Monday, April 25, 2011

Results of the Luton SOS MD Classic Minigolf Competition at Wardown Park, Luton

Results of the Irregular Mini Golf Tour Luton SOS MD Classic
Wardown Park Crazy Golf Course - 25th April 2011

For the first time since 2008 Luton's Wardown Park Crazy Golf course played host to an Irregular Mini Golf Tour Crazy Golf contest, as Lutonians 'Squire' Richard Gottfried, Simon 'Practice' Hall and Emily 'Coach' Gottfried hit the course for a two-round contest - The Irregular Mini Golf Tour Luton SOS MD Classic.

After round one Simon 'Practice' Hall did the unthinkable, and led the event by one shot, and in the process defeated his Minigolf 'Mentor' the 'Squire' for the first-time in a round of minigolf. Simon scored a 24, to Richard's 25.

Round two got underway on hole three, with Hall hitting an Ace, just as Emily had in round one. However Simon marked his card with a few too many threes and eventually finished with a score of 50, with Emily on 54 and Richard on 48 to steal a victory on the pleasant Bank Holiday Monday afternoon.

Holes 1-9 - April 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Richard Gottfried Runner-up in the 2011 London Invitational Tournament (LIT) in East Finchley, Barnet

24th April 2011
Press Information
For Immediate Release

Minigolf Report – Richard Gottfried Runner-up in the London Invitational Tournament

On Sunday 24th April Luton Minigolfer Richard Gottfried was invited to compete in a six-round four-player minigolf shootout for the London Invitational Tournament title at an UrbanCrazy designed 6-hole minigolf course in East Finchley, Barnet.

In the field of four Great Britain Internationals, Richard scored a total of 87(+15) to finish runner-up to London’s Alan Norman who won the event with a 36-hole total of 80(+8). Defending LIT Champion Jon Angel was third after defeating Brad Shepherd at the third extra-hole of a sudden-death play-off after both players had scored 90(+18) in regulation play.

The first three rounds were played using the course’s ‘easy’ settings, and the second round using the ‘hard’ hole settings. In round one Richard scored a total of 46(+10), he followed this up with a 41(+5) for a total of 87(+15).


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gottfried fourth in the latest GMGC Club Minigolf Tournament

23rd April 2011
Press Information
For Immediate Release

Minigolf Report - Gottfried fourth in the latest GMGC Club Tournament

On Thursday 21st April Luton Minigolfer Richard Gottfried competed in the latest Green Mini Golf Club Thursday night tournament at the 18-hole Indoor Minigolf Course in Hither Green, Lewisham.

Eleven players took part in the two-round GMGC tournament and Gottfried recorded scores of 34 (-2) and 50(+14) for a total of 84(+12), 68 with his +8 GMGC Handicap, and finished in fourth place in the handicap event, and fifth in the unhandicapped ranks.
The score of 34 was a new personal best in competition-play for Richard; however the next round score of 50 was a new personal worst score in a GMGC Tournament.

After the competition Richard said “I was very pleased with my opening 34 which included seven holes-in-one and put me in the lead. However the next round was a nightmare, with my round punctuated with threes, fours, fives and a six. So to finish in fourth/fifth place is a fair result from the event.”

Hither Green’s Giuseppe Ruggiero won the event, with Nick Sandqvist, also of Hither Green, runner-up, and Cambridge’s Tony Kelly in third place.

Richard is currently ranked 19th of 40 players in the GMGC Rankings List. Wandsworth’s Seth Thomas, Oxford’s Michael Smith and Lewisham’s James Rutherford are all currently tied at the top of the list.

Richard Gottfried’s GMGC Club Minigolf Tournament Record 2010/11
GMGC Club Tournament - 1st of 11
o GMGC Club Tournament (without Handicap) - 3rd of 11
GMGC Club Tournament - 9th of 13
o GMGC Club Tournament (without Handicap) - 8th of 13
GMGC Club Tournament - Tied 6th of 9
o GMGC Club Tournament (without Handicap) - 7th of 9
GMGC Club Tournament - Tied 7th of 13
o GMGC Club Tournament (without Handicap) - 7th of 13
GMGC Club Tournament - 2nd of 6
o GMGC Club Tournament (without Handicap) - 2nd of 6
GMGC Club Tournament - 3rd of 10
o GMGC Club Tournament (without Handicap) - 6th of 10
• GMGC Club Tournament - 4th of 11
o GMGC Club Tournament (without Handicap) - 5th of 11

The GMGC are based at the Green Indoor Mini Golf course in Hither Green, Lewisham, London, and the course is well worth a visit. The Course/Club now have a presence on Facebook and you can check out the Club and Course website at

Each Thursday night from 7pm the Green Mini Golf Club holds GMGC Club Championship minigolf competitions, played out over two 18-hole rounds.

Minigolf Doubles Record for Richard Gottfried - up to 21st April 2011

On Thursday 21st April 2011 Hither Green's Julio Kent became my 'lucky' 13th Minigolf Doubles Partner when we faced-off against the Cambridgeshire Team of Tony Kelly & Adam Kelly.

My Minigolf Doubles Record Currently Stands At:
Played - 54 matches
Won - 25
Tied - 5
Lost - 24

Minigolf Doubles Playing Partners To Date:1 - Emily Gottfried
2 - Matt Smith
3 - Andy Gonsalves
4 - Owen Johnson
5 - Paul Johnson
6 - Kevin Moseley
7 - Chris Harding
8 - Simon Hall
9 - Leo Kukielka
10 - Christopher Gottfried
11 - Alan Norman
12 - Oliver Florence
13 - Julio Kent

My Full Minigolf Doubles Record (as at 21st April 2011) - Click to Enlarge

Friday, April 22, 2011

Results of the "SF Classic" Minigolf Doubles Match - Gottfried/Kent vs. Kelly/Kelly

On Thursday 21st April 2011 I teamed up with Hither Green's Julio Kent to take on Cambridgeshire Duo Tony Kelly and Adam Kelly in an 18-hole Doubles Strokeplay Minigolf Match - The SF Classic.

Richard Gottfried - 45(+9)
Julio Kent - 36(par)
Tony Kelly - 44(+8)
Adam Kelly - 41(+5)

Team Scores:
1st - "Kent-Squire" = 81(+9)
2nd - "The WAGS" = 85(+13)

Minigolf Rankings Update for Richard & Emily Gottfried following the BMGA British Masters 2011

Following the latest BMGA Tour event - the BMGA British Masters at Strokes Adventure Golf Course in Margate, Kent - the latest minigolf ranking lists have been published.

BMGA Order of Merit Rankings for 2010-11:
Richard Gottfried - 14th of 86 players
Emily Gottfried - 43rd of 86 players

BMGA Season Only Rankings 2011:
Richard Gottfried - 12th of 50 players
Emily Gottfried - 24th of 50 players

In the Green Mini Golf Club Rankings for 2011 I have moved up one place to 19th place of 40 players and now hold a +8 minigolf handicap.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Minigolf Spotted in Hong Kong! It's at the YMCA!

Emily has spotted an advertisement for Minigolf (as part of an 'Easter Camp') on the wall of a YMCA in Hong Kong!

Fellow Minigolfers Oliver 'The Machine' Florence & Richard 'Gentle Touch' Skeggs played Hong Kong's Shek O Obstacle Golf Course, and also created a Beach Minigolf Course on their trip to Asia last year - "Sand and sausages as Asia gets new course."

Monday, April 18, 2011

Minigolf Report from the Hayling Island Pirate Masters 2011

Hayling Island Pirate Masters 2011

On Sunday 17th April 2011 Portsmouth & Southsea Crazy Golf (Gold) Club Captain Christopher 'One BMGA Tour Appearance' Gottfried faced-off against Tania Heasman at the 11-hole Pirates Adventure Golf Course at Hayling Island, Hampshire.

In the one-round contest Tania eventually beat Christopher by four-shots, after both players headed into the final hole with level scores!

Christopher Gottfried - 41 (+13)
Tania Heasman - 37 (+9)
Note: The 11-hole course has a Par of 28.

Following the tournament Christopher was renamed Christopher 'Don't Boot The Ball On The Final Hole in Frustration' Gottfried!

Hole-by-Hole Scores are unavailable at present, as according to Christopher "Tania has got the scorecard as she wanted to boast about beating me some more."


We first visited the Hayling Island Pirate Adventure Golf Course in July 2008, when it became the 69th course played on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour.

On that occasion Christopher walked away the winner in the 'Hayling Island Classic' minigolf competition (played as a stage of the 'Hampshire & Isle of Wight Invitational Tournament'). The results were:
1st - Christopher Gottfried - 29(+7)
2nd - Richard Gottfried - 32(+10)
3rd - Emily Gottfried - 33(+11)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Team Squire beat The Booze Brothers - Minigolf Doubles Match at Strokes Adventure Golf, Margate

Richard & Emily Gottfried teamed up for the first time since the 2010 minigolf season, as they took on BMGA Tour rivals, and London Minigolf Club members, Brad 'The Fist' Shepherd & Chris 'Stretch' Jones aka The Booze Brothers, at Strokes Adventure Golf course in Margate, Kent last weekend.

In the 18-hole Doubles Strokeplay Match, the Gottfrieds aka Team Squire, defeated The Booze Brothers by 89(+17) to 100(+28).

Richard (l) and Chris (r) show off their fine footwear on the 3rd hole at Strokes Adventure Golf, Margate

In the only previous meeting of the two teams Richard & Emily also beat Shepherd & Jones, that time it was a 2&1 Matchplay victory at the 2008 BMGA British Doubles Championships at Warwick.

Richard & his regular Doubles partner Kevin Moseley also hold a victory over The Booze Brothers, with a hard-fought 1up victory that came after two-extra holes of a sudden-death play-off at the 2009 BMGA British Club Championships at Boscombe Chine Minigolf.

Richard Gottfried's Minigolf Doubles Record (Click to Enlarge)

Two More Wacky Waving Arm-Flailing Inflatable Tube-men Spotted - Luton & Mill Hill

Recently I've spotted two Wacky Waving Arm-Flailing Inflatable Tube-men on my travels. The first was a Funfair one at Luton's Manor Park (previously spotted at the Luton Wardown Park Funfair). The other was advertising a Car Wash near Mill Hill Broadway Train Station.

Luton Wacky Waving Arm-Flailing Inflatable Tube-man

Mill Hill Airdancer

More Ham & Egger Files Blog Posts about "Wacky Waving Arm-Flailing Inflatable Tube-men"

Update: 1st October 2012

I managed to grab a much better photo of the Airdancer advertising a garage/car valeting service near Mill Hill Broadway!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Herne Bay Revisit - Minigolf and the Pier

On Sunday 10th April 2011 we revisited Herne Bay and had a look at the Crazy Golf / Minigolf / Adventure Golf course and Pier.

The Minigolf was a lot busier than when we played there in November 2008 (course played number 78).

Mini Golf course in Herne Bay, Kent

The Pier is very interesting in that the end of it still exists, despite the middle section burning down in the 1970's and then collapsing into the sea!

Herne Bay Pier

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Herne Bay Mini Golf website

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Replay of Minigolf Course #37 - Arnold Palmer 'North' Course at Cliftonville's Little Oasis Crazy Golf

On Saturday 9th April 2011 we replayed the 18-hole Arnold Palmer Crazy Golf course at Cliftonville's 'Little Oasis'.

We originally played the course on the 15th September 2007 when it became the 37th course played on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour.

In our Irregular Mini Golf Tour match, Emily and I were tied going into the final hole, the conclusion to the game can be seen on the following videos!

Photos of the Course