Sunday, April 03, 2011

Minigolf Nicknames

Just like the Putter and the Ball used to play the game, Minigolf Nicknames are an integral part of Minigolf Sport.

Examples include Tim 'Ace Man' Davies, Brad 'The Fist' Shepherd, Owen 'Jackpot' Johnson, Oliver 'The Machine' Florence, Sean 'Freebird' Homer, Nick 'Top Hole' Chitty, John 'Big Top Ted' McIver, Chris 'Who' Harding, Seth 'Clockwork Orange' Thomas, Chris 'WMD' Smith, John 'Thighs' Moore, Peter 'The Crazy Aced Assassin' Jones, and Richard 'Gentle Touch' Skeggs to name but a few!

Since my debut on the British Minigolf Association's UK Competitive Minigolf Circuit in 2007 I have been known by the nickname "Squire" Richard Gottfried (the name stems my from Finger Jousting days when I was known as "Squire Richard of Surleigh"!). Emily is known variously as 'Coach', or '9 Lives', the latter stemming from her Dodgeball UK days.

Recently I have recieved two new potential minigolf monikers from conversations on twitter!

The Gluten Free Putting Machine

The Boss of The Moss


Seth Thomas said...

Nice name check! Why is Brad called The Fist?

Richard Gottfried said...

You'll have to ask him that! I only found out very recently.

There is a clue on the blog post about the £2 Tat Challenge in Hastings...

Unknown said...

Always good to have a nickname. Pat really doesn't have a nickname in minigolf, but Mandy has been referred to (often by Pat) as "The Destroyer of Worlds". This is due to her uncanny ability to hit your ball out of the way when you aren't playing everyone hole out. Not only does she hit your ball way the hell out of the way, but always seems to put her ball in a better position (and this happens no matter how close you are to the hole).

Richard Gottfried said...

Pat 'Minigolf Nickname TBC' Sheridan - we need to have some sort of Poll for you!

As for Mandy, aka 'The Destroyer of Worlds', aka 'The Marshalltown Mauler' - I wouldn't want to be her playing partner in the final round of the World Crazy Golf Championships if that's the way she plays when 'all balls are in play'!!!