Monday, April 11, 2011

Minigolf and Sunburn

Even in my fifth season as a BMGA Tour Professional Minigolfer and after playing 65 British Minigolf Association Tour Events, at the seaside, in sunny weather conditions, since 2007 I still go and get bloody sunburnt at the weekend's BMGA British Masters tournament in Margate!

Photo evidence of my foolishness (courtesy of Oliver 'The Machine' Florence).

My regular Minigolf Doubles partner, Kevin 'Max' Moseley, is a Pharmacist too and would have definitely advised some Factor-50 should of been applied!

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Richard Gottfried said...

Once again I got some really bad sunburn playing Minigolf. This time it was at the 2012 BMGA British Minigolf Championships in Hastings.

It's not as bad a the April 2011 level in Margate, or as bad as I got playing for the GB Team in Finland in 2008, but it still bloody hurts :-(

I blame the fact that I was without my 'Coach' in the event.