Monday, June 09, 2014

Moby Adventure Golf in Romford

Playing the new Moby Adventure Golf course at Golf Kingdom in Romford.

Moby Adventure Golf in Chadwell Heath
Emily playing minigolf at Moby Golf in Romford

On Friday 6th of June 2014 we made a stop-off in Romford while en route to Ipswich via Chelmsford and had a play of the brand new 18-hole Moby Golf adventure golf course at Golf Kingdom in Romford.

Moby Golf became the 337th course played on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour since 2006 and the 561st visited overall.

Moby Adventure Golf in Romford
The pirate ship at the Moby Golf course in Romford

The inspiration behind the course is the legend of 'Moby Dick' - a whale that washed up in Dagenham in 1790!

Moby Adventure Golf in Chadwell Heath
What an obstacle!

Moby Adventure Golf in Chadwell Heath
Richard playing out a hole at Moby Adventure Golf

The Moby Golf course is located at the Cranfield Golf Centre, aka Golf Kingdom, and depending on who you ask is located in Romford, Chadwell Heath, Hainault, London and Essex! For reference and ease of locating it the postcode for the course is RM6 6SB. Failing that just look out for the GIANT whale and MASSIVE pirate ship by the main road!

Moby Adventure Golf in Romford
Hole 7 - Moby Dick!

Moby Adventure Golf in Chadwell Heath
The pirate ship at Moby Golf

In our match-up I beat Emily 41 to 46. After our round we asked in the hut what the course record was and were told it currently stood at 37.

Moby Adventure Golf in Romford
Emily putting on the incredibly long final hole

The course costs £9 a round for adults, with a second round half-price on the same day.

Moby Adventure Golf in Romford
The Moby Golf Rules of Play and Prices. Unfortunately I couldn't get away as being a rascal on this occasion. However, the rules do allow for 'laughter' and 'shrieks' whole playing - always a good thing. Two "Yee-ha's!" were heard during my round

The Moby Golf course is proving popular, with a number of friends and family letting me know about it. Fellow Minigolfer Ramone Tutt got in touch with me via Twitter as he and his mate had played the course on Saturday and enjoyed their round, despite an unusual incident with a pencil!

Moby Adventure Golf in Romford
Emily on hole 1

Moby Adventure Golf is worth a play, the course looks great and is well designed. The customer service from the staff on the car park and in the course kiosk was excellent and very welcoming.

Moby Golf in Romford
Hole 17 is under cover - and a nice cooling spot, especially on a lovely sunny day like the one we had on our visit to Moby Golf

Moby Golf is open seven days a week (Monday to Friday 10am til 9pm, and weekends 10am til 7pm).

Moby Adventure Golf in Romford
Opening times of Moby Golf

Six years ago we played another adventure golf course with a whale on it - the Adventure Golf course in Scarborough.

Moby Adventure Golf in Chadwell Heath
The three-hole practice putting area next to the main course at Moby Golf

For further information on Moby Adventure Golf - and the seven types of golf that can be played at Golf Kingdon - check out the Golf Kingdom website and the Moby Golf Facebook page.

Moby Adventure Golf in Romford
Moby Adventure Golf in Romford

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Kev said...

Superb. And very pleased to see a mention of my home town Hainault in a blog post!

Richard Gottfried said...


My Uncle Barry told me the course was in Hainault - and he should know as he's a London Cabbie!

Fimb said...

It's Chadwell Heath.. Marks Gate is between it and Hainault. Locally the exact area is known as Moby Dick after the pub on the opposite corner to the golf.

Richard Gottfried said...

Hello Fimb and thanks for the comment.

Marks Gate eh - another place name to add to the list. Oh, and Moby Dick!

I don't think I've been anywhere else with so many names.

All the best,


Lems said...

Great Course... semingly in four different geographical locations.... ???

Definately well-themed and great fun to play :)

Richard Gottfried said...

Just remembered that my Minigolf rival Denis Exall claimed that Moby Golf was going to be in Dagenham!

Anonymous said...

its on the corner opposite the md pub and looks good it is on the a 127 at hainult

Unknown said...

Why an earth it's where it is God only knows , was the area crying out for crazy golf , I think not. Romford council does it again. Not against the game itself .

Anonymous said...

its actually located in chadwell heath romford and the borough is barking and dagenham hainult is further on marks gate is next then haunult

Richard Gottfried said...

Thanks for the clarification ;-)

At least the great Moby Adventure Golf course can be found by searching for all of these place names!

Anonymous said...

It's located next to the Moby Dick junction on the A12. It's in Chadwell Heath ward in the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham in east London.