Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gottfried's in the WMF World Minigolf Rankings (Nov 09)

The latest World Minigolfsport Federation (WMF) World Rankings List has been updated and released (dated 1st November, released 11th November).

Both Emily and I have moved down in the rankings from our previous positions.

In the last rankings Emily was ranked 100th and is now 130th in the Women's World Rankings.

I was previously ranked 352nd and am now 418th in the Men's World Rankings.

Great Britain is now ranked 24th of 30 Nations.

The WMF World Minigolf Rankings are those of the World Minigolfsport Federation (WMF) and are published twice annually. Competitions that earn WMF Ranking Points are predominantly played on Eternit, Beton and Swedish Felt Courses. For the purpose of the current rankings the results of the following tournaments have been included:

World Championships - Canegrate / Italy WC
Nations-Cup - Canegrate / Italy NC
National Championships of 21 Nations National
European-Cup - Eskilstuna / Sweden Comp.
Integrated Youth-Players of 2007/2 (50 % of points) Comp.

European Championships - Tampere / Finland Cont.Ch.
Asian Championships - Chiang Mai / Thailand Cont.Ch.
Nations-Cup - Tampere / Finland NC
National Championships of 20 Nations National
European-Cup - Hilzingen / Germany Comp.
Integrated Youth-Players of 2008/2 (50 % of points) Comp.

World Championships - Odense / Denmark WC
National Championships of 20 Nations National
European-Cup - Vaduz / Liechtenstein Comp.
Nordic Championships - Tampere / Finland Comp.
U23-Team-Competition - Sirnach / Switzerland Comp

Emily and I each have one Great Britain International Cap from our appearance in the 2008 Nations Cup in Tampere, Finland.

The full WMF World Rankings List can be seen here.

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