Monday, May 30, 2011


In Skeg-Vegas!

We noticed in a few souvenir shops in Skegness, Lincolnshire, you could buy items bearing the name 'Skeg-Vegas'! There was also an amusement arcade there called 'Las Vegas'!

I really enjoyed the trip to Skegness and will go back. I also enjoyed our holiday to Las Vegas last summer (where we will also be returning).

If you enjoy the British seaside, with its Crazy Golf, beaches, Pier, rock, saucy postcards and lots to see and do, then you should definitely check the town out.

While we were visiting there was a news story in the local press about a review of the town in the latest Lonely Planet Guide, where Skegness was described as a 'tacky spectacle'.

In a way the Lonely Planet review was correct - the seaside is a bit 'tacky', but so are lots of UK seasides, and it depends on if you think 'tacky' is a bad thing or not? Along with the millions of other visitors to the resort, I enjoyed our stay and will go back again.

The review also said the town had the "ABC of the English seaside – amusements, bingo and candy floss" - on this I disagree. With twelve Minigolf, Crazy Golf and Adventure Golf courses on offer to visitors, surely the 'C' should stand for 'Crazy Golf'!

Emily and I have so far visited 137 seasides since we made a resolution in 2006 to try and visit every seaside in the UK. We've visited places like Great Yarmouth (which is great), Blackpool - which offer Minigolf and Amusements, to Southwold and Aldeburgh - which are a bit more sedate, but still nice to visit.

Really, you can visit loads of different types of seasides in the UK, some are tacky, some offer a more slow-paced resort, others offer great beaches, some are more like harbours with a little bit of beach, many offer great views and seascapes. With so much on offer, you can take your pick!

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