Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Johnsons of Old Hurst - Crocodiles, Ducks with Hairstyles and Gluten Free Food

Emily and I recently made a visit to Johnsons Butchers and Farm Shop in Old Hurst near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. We'd searched online as we were in the area and wondered if there were any Crazy Golf courses or Gluten Free places to grab a bite to eat.

The search didn't turn up anything in particular on either of those points, but interestingly the Johnsons' site is home to a crocodile enclosure! So we had to make a visit...

Unfortunately it wasn't like the scene in the James Bond Film Live and Let Die where Roger Moore jumps over each of the crocodile's heads.

The Crocs were in their own enclosure, but it was interesting to have a look around the farm which is also home to Ostrich, Deer and Pigs!

The farm shop has a wide range of food and alcohol in stock, including a selection of Gluten Free products for Coeliacs. The Butchers stocks an array of meat, including Crocodile Tail Meat, which according to the packet "is like Monkfish"!

Right next to the Car Park is a Duck Pond with Ducks available to purchase.

One of them had the best hairstyle I've ever seen on a duck!

Unfortunately we arrived too late to visit the Tea Room which is wonderfully named 'The Eccentric Englishman Tearoom' - I'd have fitted in there!

Johnsons of Old Hurst website


A said...

A pro minigolfer. you sir, are a legend!

A said...

A pro minigolfer? You sir, are a legend!

Richard Gottfried said...

I saw on BBC Look East's news that the Crocodile sculpture at Johnson's of Old Hurst, near Huntingdon has been stolen! Sad news indeed.