Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Me and My Many Minigolf Doubles Partners

On the 17th of May 2008 I teamed with Emily Gottfried in my first-ever Minigolf Doubles Match at the 2008 BMGA British Doubles Championships at Warwick. In that contest we lost the 18-hole matchplay match 2&1 to the duo of Sean Homer and Marion Homer, aka Casual Force.

Since that event I have teamed with 15 other players, using a total of 19 different team names. Some of these partnerships have lasted little more than one match, while others such as my pairing with Kevin 'Max' Moseley have lasted for two BMGA Tour Doubles Contests and were the third-placed team at the 2010 BMGA British Doubles Championships.

In official competitions this season I have teamed with Oliver 'The Machine' Florence as 'Go With The Flo' at the Green Doubles Championships (7th of 14 teams), Will 'Power' Collins at the Lost World Adventure Golf Pro-Am Classic (2nd of 12 teams) and with Scott 'Donkey Gringo' Lancley as 'Team Sqonkey' at the BMGA British Doubles Championships (7th of 14 teams).

To date I've teamed up for Minigolf Doubles Matches with the following players:
1 Emily Gottfried
2 Matt Smith
3 Andy Gonsalves
4 Owen Johnson
5 Paul Johnson
6 Kevin Moseley
7 Chris Harding
8 Simon Hall
9 Leo Kukielka
10 Christopher Gottfried
11 Alan Norman
12 Oliver Florence
13 Julio Kent
14 Richard Skeggs
15 William Collins
16 Scott Lancley

My Pairings have competed under the following 19 Team Names!
1 Die fantastische Gottfried BrĂ¼der
2 Go With The Flo
3 Gottfried & Collins
4 Great Britain Internationals
5 Kent-Squire
6 Luton Wanderers Minigolf Club
7 Midlands Minigolf Club
8 Parts Unknown Minigolfers
9 Squire Trelawney
10 Team Sqonkey
11 Team Squire
12 The Champs
13 The Nar-Wich Union
14 The Pineapple Bits
15 The Prospectors
16 The Richards
17 The Rudi Specials
18 The Thumbmasters
19 The Vagrants

My Minigolf Doubles Matchplay Win/Loss Record currently stands at:
Played 62
Won 31
Drawn 5
Lost 26

My Minigolf Doubles Record (Click to Enlarge)

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