Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Ipswich Building Society Crazy Golf Course - In Sudbury, Suffolk - Course Played 263 and a Third!

On our way to Lowestoft for the 2011 UK Thumb Wrestling Championships we made a stop off in Sudbury, Suffolk as I had heard via twitter that the local branch of the Ipswich Building Society had one of their Crazy Golf holes there for the week!

The 'Tax Man' Hole is one-third of a set that are touring the Ipswich Building Society Branches over the summer. The Tax Man is Hole 1 (Par 3), Hole 2 is a Par 5 called 'Uphill Struggle, with a Par 4 third hole called 'Steering clear of the rocks of risk' which features a lighthouse and a hole on an island.

The Crazy Golf Challenge sees visitors to their branches and other events the Ipswich Building Society has a stand at, Putting their way around the holes and "making use of rainy day savings, avoiding the tax man and steering clear of the rocks of risk along the way."

From a promotional point of view it's an interesting way to engage with customers and potential customers, as players are also asked to complete a short survey and/or answer questions about a particular financial topic/concern.

I managed to score a hole-in-one with my one 'go'!

The UrbanCrazy built 'course' was the 263rd (& a third) visited and played on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour.

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Richard Gottfried said...

You can read more about the UrbanCrazy-built course for the Ipswich Building Society at "Minigolf. The Perfect Cure" and there's a video of the course on the Ipswich Building Society YouTube Channel too.