Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wonderputt - A New Minigolf Computer Game...

...and the best one I've played to date.

As a follower of all things Minigolf-related I follow the Arts & Animation Studio Damp Gnat on twitter - the reason, they developed a Minigolf Computer Game called Adverputt a while back.

According to the Damp Gnat website their "current focus is on developing premium online games with a strong emphasis on design, quality and innovation." and with their new Miniature Golf game they certainly have delivered on that focus.

Wonderputt is played out on a changing landscape and features a variety of holes and obstacles that stand in your way to reaching the final Rocketship 18th-hole.

I really liked the way the ball reacted and the controls were very easy to pick up. Some of the holes were quite tricky too, but were well thought out and there are some great hole-in-one opportunities available.

The game is the best Minigolf/Crazy Golf computer game I have played to date and definitely has replay value.

By the way, my first score was 67,516 points and an impressive (even if I do say so myself) 13-under par, in a game that lasted 8 minutes and 4 seconds. I love the fact it gives you a bunch of stats at the end of the game.

Play Wonderputt

Play Adverputt

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