Sunday, August 21, 2011

Crazy Air Squash in Great Yarmouth

The one and only sporting title I walked away from our weekend away in Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth was the winner of the Crazy Air Squash match at the Pleasure Beach in Great Yarmouth - winning 7-5 against Emily.

This was alot better than my last tournament outing at the Peterborough Boom-A-Rang Air Squash Championships where I lost against Rebecca 'The Fen Tigress' Evison in the Grand Final and my dismal performance in the Undisputed International Worlds Crazy Air Squash Championships in September 2010 when I crashed out of the tournament on the wrong end of a 9-nil defeat at the hands of the debuting German Crazy Air Squash Wunderkind Gerhard Zimmermann.

In total we found three Crazy Squash Tables in various amusement arcades in Great Yarmouth - perhaps this is where all the tables that used to be in Hastings were shipped to?


Donkey Gringo said...

If Wroxham is on the calender next year maybe Gr.Yarmouth will hold the next World tournament.....

Richard Gottfried said...

Indeed. Perhaps the Intercontinental Title could be contested in Peterborough too? The table there is in a Laser Tag Arena so should guarantee a good turnout of aficionados too.