Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Revisit to Poole Park in Dorset - Crazy Golf & Minigolf

On Saturday Poole Park 8th of October 2011 we made a stop off at Poole Park in Dorset to revisit the Crazy Golf and Putting courses there and also to finally meet minigolf friend and twitterer/facebooker extraordinaire Mick Gisbourne.

We first visited Poole Park in October 2009 when the course was a 9-hole one, on our visit last year a new 12-hole course had been built in its place.

Photos of the Putting Course:

The Crazy Golf course has also had some new obstacles added to it, in the form of some weighty concrete tunnels.

Photos of the Crazy Golf:

Photos of us with Mick 'The Man' Gisbourne at Poole Park.:

In our Irregular Mini Golf Tour Match-up on the Poole Park Crazy Golf course Emily defeated me 38-43.

At the time of writing this post, my most viewed YouTube video is the one of me playing the old Pinball hole on the Poole Park Crazy Golf course. It's attracted over 20,000 views and a number of comments.

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Lemony said...

Wonderful to visit Poole Park again, and to meet Mick The Man. Love that course, deceptively hard :)

the man said...