Friday, October 28, 2011

Minigolf Doubles Match - Oxfordshire Mini Golf Club vs. Cambridgeshire Mini Golf Club

Minigolf Doubles Match - Oxfordshire Mini Golf Club vs. Cambridgeshire Mini Golf Club

Battleground - Neutral Territory (All Three of the Minigolf Courses at Hastings Sea Front Adventure Golf)

Oxfordshire Mini Golf Club
- 'Squire' Richard Gottfried
- Michael 'Hole in One Kenobi' Smith

Cambridgeshire Mini Golf Club
- James 'The Rocket' Rutherford
- Emily 'Lemony' Gottfried

Format - Three-Round Doubles Strokeplay Competition with Combined Cumulative Scores

On Saturday 15th October 2011 a new Minigolf alliance was formed for one-match only as 'Squire' Richard Gottfried of the Midlands Minigolf Club (MMGC) and Michael 'HIOK' Smith of the Kent Minigolf Club (KMGC) joined up as the Oxfordshire Mini Golf Club (OMGC) to take on James 'The Rocket' Rutherford  and Emily 'Lemony' Gottfried of the recently-formed Cambridgeshire Mini Golf Club (CMGC).

The 54-hole Doubles Match-up saw play begin on the Crazy Golf Course with Michael scoring a 33 and Richard a 34 for a combined score of 67. Emily and James could only manage scores of 42 and 35 for a combined 77.

Play then moved onto the Pirate Adventure Golf course, the newest of the three Sea Front courses in Hastings, and saw Michael hit a 31 and Richard a 37 for a 68 total. Emily scored a 40 and James a 34 for a team score of 74.

With the CMGC trailing the OMGC by 16 shots the deciding round was played on the Adventure Golf course, a course where 16 shots could be made up.

That wasn't to be the case though as Michael scored a great 37, with Richard scoring 42 for a combined 79. Emily also scored 42 but with James scoring 48 for a combined round of 90 the overall victory was to go Oxfordshire's way with a total of 214 to the CMGC's 241.

Photos: Emily and James of the CMGC see their chances of a win against the OMGC go up in smoke as they play into the mist on the Hastings Adventure Golf course

Link - The Cambridgeshire Mini Golf Club's website

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