Monday, October 17, 2011

The Weymouth Preliminaries Rock Paper Scissors Contest

Ahead of the upcoming 2011 UK Rock Paper Scissors Championships a bunch of Minigolfers, some of whom will be competing in the tournament, faced-off in The Weymouth Preliminaries Rock Paper Scissors Contest at the Weymouth Annual Octoberfest Beer Festival.

The tournament saw five competitors square-off in 'best-of-3' matches. The results and order of play were a little hazy, possibly due to the effects of the environment that the contest took place in!

Firstly, a 'random' draw was held to see who would face who in Round One, and then battle commenced...

- Oliver 'The Machine' Florence lost to Richard 'The Rock' Gottfried 1-2
- Emily 'Lemony' Gottfried beat Paul 'The Terminator' Jones 2-1
- Kevin 'Alex Kidd' Moseley - bye to Round Two
- Oliver 'The Machine' Florence lost to Paul 'The Terminator' Jones 1-2 in a 'Best Loser Match'
- Paul 'The Terminator' Jones lost to Kevin 'Alex Kidd' Moseley* 1-2
(* Kevin 'Alex Kidd' Moseley was given a 'Public Warning' for playing an illegal throw of 'Sausage' in the first game)
- Richard 'The Rock' Gottfried beat Kevin 'Alex Kidd' Moseley 2-1 in the 'Final' - see below for footage

Video: RPS - Weymouth Preliminaries at Octoberfest - The 'not' Grand Final

However, it had been forgotten that Emily had in fact won her first round match against 'The Terminator' and was through to the next round too!!!

So, in the 'Actual' Grand Final (which was not filmed) Emily 'Lemony' Gottfried defeated Richard 'The Rock' Gottfried 2-1.

Weymouth Preliminaries Ultimate Grand Champion of RPS 2011 - Emily Gottfried

Second Runner-up Kevin 'Alex Kidd' Moseley summed up the contest perfectly when he said "Can't even organise a tournament at a p*ss-up!"

Next time I think a Round Robin Tournament Format will be used!

2011 UK Rock Paper Scissors Championships - Event Details at Wacky Nation. The 2011 Championships are being sponsored by Sportingbet.

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Lemony said...

Despite the Best Efforts of Richard "The Rock" to win by under-hand, sneaky tactics of forgetting to schedule me a 2nd round match, I won with honours and look forward to continuing this into the 2011 RPS competition!