Saturday, June 11, 2011

Arm Champs II, Turks and Jobbing - a revisit to Great Yarmouth's Best Arcade Machine

On Sunday 5th June 2011 we headed to Great Yarmouth for some minigolf and amusement arcade action, and I couldn't resist a revisit to the arcade that is home to the Arm Champs II Arm Wrestling Game. Bizarrely, a video of me losing (Jobbing) on it in February 2007 is my most viewed YouTube video!? At the time of writing this blog post it has 13,017 views!!!

- 2007 - Jobbing to Arm Champs II Arcade Machine
- 2009 - Arm Champs II – the rematch
- 2009 - Jobbing to Arm Champs - the original Arm Wrestling Arcade Game - the video in this match has had 1,236 views to date

The original video

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