Thursday, June 23, 2011

The new sport of Wrong Pong - a cross between Ping Pong & Crazy Golf!

I was recently browsing the net and came across the brilliant looking new sport of Wrong Pong!

The governing body of the sport - The International Wrong Pong Association (I.W.P.A.) - describe the sport as "... a game based on ping pong, and is to ping pong what crazy golf is to golf. It uses angled tables, tables with obstacles, and tables with textured surfaces. Matches are fast and fun."

It looks absolutely great fun, and I can't wait to make my I.W.P.A. Debut! Hopefully with my vast experience in Crazy Golf, and my Ranking of '50th in the world at WSPong Ping Pong' I'll do alright (or better).

The International Wrong Pong Association (I.W.P.A.) website

Wrong Pong Post at the Strange Games Blog

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Richard Gottfried said...

The 4th International Wrong Pong Tournament is taking place at the Broadway Cinema, Nottingham tomorrow (Thursday 1st December 2011) from 6pm til late.

Check out the International Wrong Pong Association (IWPA) website for more info!