Saturday, March 26, 2011

Aintree Crazy Golf Ain't There Any More

While in Liverpool for the BMGA National Open minigolf tournament last weekend, we were going to head to the Harrow Drive Playing Fields in Aintree to check out the Crazy Golf course there.

However, a quick Google search before we set off to find it showed that the course had been dug up ready to be replaced as part of a 'Playbuilder' scheme to improve the recreation facilities in the park.

However, further searching found out that this scheme has since been cancelled due to the withdrawal of government funding! Meaning the Park has removed the Crazy Golf and is left with a patch of bare ground :-(


Pauline said...

Too bad. I am originally from Liverpool makes me sad

Richard Gottfried said...

Shame we never made it to the course on our tour before it was dug up :-(

The new Jungle Rumble course at Liverpool ONE is great fun though.

We really enjoyed our long weekend in Liverpool too.

Rob said...

The PlayBuilder scheme ended up being reinstated, so there is at least something there to replace the golf. Still retains the signage, though, which is a bit of an annoyance for someone who'd fancy a tilt at it.

Richard Gottfried said...

Hello Rob and many thanks for the info :-)

Have you got any photos of the old signage? Would be good for the archives over at The Crazy Golf Museum and

Thanks again,


Blue Peter. said...

Hi Richard, I have a photograph of the mini golf at Harrow Drive, Aintree.


Richard Gottfried said...

Hello Peter,

Thank you for the comment.

I've seen a photo of it before, it didn't look too exciting - what was it like to play?

My friend Tim over at may be interested in using it on his site.

All the best,