Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy National Laser Tag Day!

As we've recently got back into playing the great game of Laser Tag I was doing some searching online and found out that today - Saturday 26th March 2011 - is National Laser Tag Day!

The day has been created by the International Laser Tag Association (ILTA) to celebrate the opening of the first-ever Laser Tag Centre in 1984!

I wish every Laser Tag Warrior a Happy National Laser Tag day. Whether you're a RED, GREEN, BLUE, or even a YELLOW, have a good one :-)

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Richard Gottfried said...

We popped along to the opening of the new Futures House 'Fun Factory' in Marsh Farm Luton to find out more about the "Futures Fun Factory Laser Parties". The man there told me that the Laser Tag element is 'coming soon'...

Can't wait to have a game of Laser Tag in Luton as the centre is planning on offering Adult Game Packages :-)

For more info on the "Futures Fun Factory Laser Parties" check out -