Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quasar in Milton Keynes

On our trundle around Beds and Bucks yesterday we headed to Milton Keynes as I was sure there was a Laser Tag there.

I thought there was one at the Xscape centre, but we found I was wrong, there is however a Quasar Laser Tag at the Tenpin Bowling Centre at the MK Leisure Plaza.

We were going to have a game, but with a battle having just begun and the next one exclusively for a kids birthday party we would have had to wait for a while to play. We have decided to head back in the near future.

Looking at the scoreboard at the centre, the war-raging at the MK Quasar was a classic struggle between the REDS and the GREENS.

With no new battle between us taking place in Milton Keynes the Laser Tag Rankings remain the same.

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