Monday, March 28, 2011

Ham & Egg Parade in New Brighton!

On the 19th March 2011 we headed to New Brighton, Wirral, to check out the seaside resort and search out some of the town's Crazy & Mini Golf courses. We also found the remnants of the Pier, and perhaps most interestingly, ended up on "Ham and Egg Parade"!

My first-ever Blog post here at The Ham and Egger Files gave an introduction to what a Ham & Egger is! New Brighton's Ham and Egg parade was 'famed' for serving Ham and Eggs to customers in its Tea Rooms, however the area gained a bad reputation for immoral goings-on in these "Tea Rooms", and the situation got so bad that in 1907 the area was demolished and replaced by Victoria Gardens.


andy said...

New one in New Brighton ,Wirral

Richard Gottfried said...

Thanks Andy. Yes, it's definitely on our To Visit list!