Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Laser Quest" Laser Tag in New Brighton

While in New Brighton we headed to the Riverside Bowl & Lazer Quest!

We booked in for a Laser Tag battle and were expecting to be playing in a group in a usual team based battle - perhaps pitting the REDS vs. the BLUES, the BLUES vs. the GREENS, the GREENS vs. the REDS, or even a battle involving the seldom seen YELLOWS!

However, the Party that was also due to play in the next game were 'stuck in traffic', which meant for the first time ever we were able to play a one-on-one battle against each other!

It was brilliant!

The Riverside Laser Quest is a two floor arena and as there were only two of us playing, the staff pumped the battlefield full of smoke to help add to the atmosphere, and aide hiding!

Richard Gottfried takes on Emily Gottfried in a one-on-one Laser Tag Battle in New Brighton!

In the battle between me and Emily (both playing as the mighty REDS) I won with 228 points to Emily's 201. Emily had a much better "% of shots on Target" score, with 6%, compared to my 3%. In total I blasted 689 shots!!!

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