Saturday, March 26, 2011

Laser Tag Arena in Cannock - Gottfried vs. Gottfried

On our way home from our weekend away in Liverpool last week, we headed back via Cannock in the Midlands, as on the way up North we had spotted a Laser Tag Arena at Fun City!

Having had exclusive use of the Laser Quest in New Brighton (with a Party group not turning up) we once again found ourselves in the position of being able to play a game of Laser Tag in a one-on-one format!

This Laser Tag also had 'Aliens' inside, which were able to shoot you and also explode mines which would completely destroy you - requiring a total re-energise!

The final result, with me and Emily having a 'Civil War' as the YELLOW Team, was a win to me - 206 points to 113. Emily was unfortunate to have been hit by the Mines 4 times, compared to me getting hit twice.

Richard Gottfried takes on Emily Gottfried in a one-on-one Laser Tag Battle in Cannock!

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