Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Garden BBQ Minigolf

At the first BBQ of the season on Sunday 13th March 2011 we decided to have a spot of Minigolf in the Garden.

First up was a three-player minigolf course utilising a selection of obstacles from the Crazy Golf Museum archives. Unfortunately the tricky layout stumped the players (myself, Oliver 'The Machine' Florence & Simon 'Practice' Hall), with all of us scoring Unlucky Sevens!

Next up Ollie and I competed in the 6-hole IMGT Luton SS (Stewing Steak) Classic Minigolf Competition. In a tense match-up played in seasonal conditions and with fading light, I won the match with a score of 25(+13) to Ollie's 27(+15).


Coach said...

Excellent competition over tough terrain... may need a reply in the actual summer months!!

Richard Gottfried said...


Richard Gottfried said...

It was very tough terrain, and some tricky obstacles!

Coach said...

Replay.. obviously... typing faster than I should :)