Friday, December 30, 2011

Crazy Golf at Alexandra Palace in London - Course played #282

On Monday 19th December 2011 Brad Shepherd and I made a visit to Alexandra Palace to have a play of the Crazy Golf course set up there.

The 18-hole course became the 282nd played on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour.

Photo: Richard Putting on Hole 10
Photo: Brad 'The Fist' Shepherd playing the 3rd hole
Brad and I faced-off in an 18-hole one-round contest on the course. Over the front-9 holes I scored 15, with Brad hitting a 23. Brad struck back on the back-9 and scored a 22 to my 26. However, I managed to defeat him 41-45.

The course is owned by Moneypenny Events and features some of the holes/frames as the Minigolf courses we previously played at Devonshire Square in London (#155 & #155.5/visit 199b). The company also own the course that has appeared at the o2 (#210).

Photos of the course:

Alexandra Palace is also home to an interesting looking Pitch & Put Miniature Golf Course. Some of the holes are played up/down hill! There is also a Putting Course there. They are both on the 'to play' list, hopefully sometime in 2012...

Photo: The Brown Sign pointing the way to Alexandra Palace. The sign is opposite Wood Green Tube Station
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Richard Gottfried said...

Photos of the Alexandra Palace Crazy Golf, Ally Pally, North London now up on too.

Richard Gottfried said...

While playing the Ally Pally Crazy Golf course I spotted an amusingly positioned ESCAPE ROUTE sign! Check it out at 'Todays Escape Route'

The photo has also been printed in the 26th Jan 2012 edition of the Daily Mirror and captioned "Now that's a sign of panic".