Thursday, December 15, 2011

Latest Laser Tag Rankings - Update after Laser Tag Battle at MegaZone Rayleigh in Essex

On Sunday 4th December 2011 Emily and I teamed up and joined the ranks of the foot soldiers of the Yellow team as we faced-off in a 27-player three-team Laser Tag Battle against the Reds and the Blues at the MegaZone in Rayleigh, Essex.

In the 30-minute shootout the mighty Yellow team was victorious beating the Blue team by just under 20,000 points!

In the match I was ranked 3rd overall, with Emily in 5th place in the 27-player field.

The Laser Tag Rankings have been updated following the contest and the top three places remain unchanged in the 11-player rankings. I am ranked #1 (with six wins from eight battles), while Oliver 'The Machine' Florence is #2 (with a 100% win/loss record from his four games) and Emily is #3 (with four wins from seven outings).

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In the Seemingly Everlasting Laser Tag War waged between the forces of the REDS, BLUES, GREENS, and YELLOWS players in the Laser Tag Rankings have taken part in Laser Battles in 'laser-war-torn' places including Birmingham, Hemel Hempstead, Bristol, London, Peterborough, Crawley, New Brighton, Cannock, Whitstable, Skegness and Rayleigh.

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