Friday, December 16, 2011

The Bay Museum on Canvey Island, Essex

On our drive to the seafront in Canvey Island on the 4th of December I spotted a sign, next to a white building beside the sea wall, which said that the Bay Museum was open. On our previous visits to Canvey Island I hadn’t noticed the building or museum.

The Bay Museum on Canvey Island, Essex

Emily and I are always travelling around looking for new places to visit and things to do and so we popped in to have a look around. We found out it was formerly a Degaussing Station for passing ships during The Cold War and became a Museum of Military History in 2010.

We were very impressed to see the number of exhibits that are displayed in the relatively small space available inside the two storey building and the knowledge of the Curators was excellent. I particularly enjoyed finding out about the Fencing Musket that was displayed, as I’d never heard of the ‘weapon’ before visiting, and one of the Curators allowed me to ‘use it’ too!

The Bay Museum is open on Sundays and Bank Holidays. Entry is free (donations welcome) and it is well worth a visit.

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