Saturday, January 01, 2011

Minigolf Report, Results and Photos from the 2011 Luton Invitational Tournament - New Year's Day at Woodside Animal Farm

Results of the 2011 Luton Invitational Minigolf Tournament at Woodside Animal Farm, Slip End Village near Luton.

The first Irregular Mini Golf Competition to be held in 2011 was played at the 18-hole Crazy Golf Course at Woodside Animal Farm, Slip End Village, near Luton, Beds today.

The 2011 Luton Invitational Tournament featured four players, who took to the course despite heavy drizzle.

British Number 41 Emily 'Coach' Gottfried won the 18-hole tournament, with an 8-shot margin over fellow BMGA Tour member and British Number 11 'Squire' Richard Gottfried, and Luton Minigolfers Simon 'Practice' Hall and his mystery partner.

2011 Luton Invitational Results:
1. Emily Gottfried - 43 (+7)
2. Richard Gottfried - 51 (+15)
3. Simon Hall - 54 (+18)
4. Mystery Player - 57 (+21)

Photo: Emily 'Coach' Gottfried and the Irregular Mini Golf Tour LIMT Trophy for 2011.
Photo: Emily 'Coach' Gottfried and the Irregular Mini Golf Tour LIMT Trophy for 2011.
Photos of the 2011 Minigolf Competition and our wander around the Farm.

Crazy Golf at Woodside Animal Farm, Slip End Village, near Luton

New IMGT Luton Invitational Champion Emily 'Coach' Gottfried.

Emily and the Prestigious Luton Invitational Minigolf Tournament Trophy for 2011.
Emily and the Prestigious Luton Invitational Minigolf Tournament Trophy for 2011.
The visit to Woodside Animal Farm was part of the Farm's New Year's Day Party that was raising money for the charities Grove House & Keech Cottage Children's Hospice.

Results and Report from the 2010 Luton Invitational Tournament and visit to Woodside Animal Farm.

2010 Luton Invitational Results:1. Richard Gottfried - 46 (+10)
2T. Emily Gottfried - 54 (+18)
2T. Mystery Player - 54 (+18)
4. Simon Hall - 57 (+21)

2007-2009 - Luton Invitational Tournament Not Played

2006 Luton Invitational Results*:1. Jo Tubby - 54 (par)
2. Emily Gottfried - 56 (+2)
3. Richard Gottfried - 62 (+8)
* Note: Par used was 'Course Par' of 3 shots per hole, rather than 'BMGA Par' of 2 shots per hole.


Christopher Gottfried said...

**Breaking news from Portsmouth**

Following Emily 'Coach' Gottfried's pummelling of 'Squire' Richard Gottfried and co in the New Years Luton Invitational, it has been revealed that Outdoor Leisure Attire company 'Safari' are seeking a sponsorship deal with the new course record holder.

Safari claim to have been 'scouting' Emily for some time. Spokes-person and Store Manager, Laraine Willis, revealed in a recent interview that "after noticing she was sporting a recent purchase of our Wellington Boots from the store, we are keen to up our interest in a 2011 season endorsement."

Emily has yet to comment whether the Wellington Boots (modelled in several pictures) made a significant effect to her stroke play, however the impressive beating of 'Squire & co' has opened the door for more fashion sponsorship deals.

CEuk, The Outdoor Professional Product Specialist, is rumoured to be interested in a kit endorsement deal with 'Squire' Richard Gottfried. More to follow....

Coach said...

What a victory! (even if I do say so myself!) A great start to 2011. I plan to beat Squire Richard Gottfried at every competition that we both take part in throughout 2011.

The sponsorship offers have already been rolling in, so I'm going to take a look at them carefully to protect my carefully nutured image... :)