Monday, January 03, 2011

First Minigolf Match-up of 2011 at Tea Green Golf in Luton

Emily and I headed to Tea Green Golf in Luton today for a BIG Golf practice on the Driving Range, and our first minigolf match-up at Tea Green's 9-hole Crazy Golf course in 2011.

In the 18-hole match I came out the winner with a 35(-1) to 39(+3) victory.

Hole 9 has also had 'The Rabbit' Obstacle re-introduced.


Coach said...

Well, my winning streak lasted one day. Rich played a lot better than me, but I blame the cold too.... couldn't feel my fingers... still i'm two for three, so I'm still winning (kind of!)

Richard Gottfried said...

One apiece*

* Scrabble don't really count ;-)

Richard Gottfried said...

LDC Worlds UnProfessional Darts Championships tonight?