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From the Minigolf Archives - The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Invitational Tournament 2008

Results and report from our three-day Miniature Golf Tour of Hampshire & the Isle of Wight.

Between the 25th and 27th of July 2008 Emily and I headed to the south coast to link up with Christopher Gottfried for a Minigolf Tour of Portsmouth, Southsea, Hayling Island and the Isle of Wight. This trip formed the basis of the ‘Hampshire & Isle of Wight Invitational Tournament 2008’.

During the three days we played 125-holes of Minigolf, Crazy Golf and Adventure Golf on nine courses in five towns on three islands!

The Competitors line-up at Shanklin's Beton Crazy Golf Course

Courses Played:
62 Southsea (Castle Mini Golf) - Putting Green
63 Shanklin (Isle of Wight) - Beton Crazy Golf
64 Shanklin (Isle of Wight) - Adventure Golf
66 Sandown (Isle of Wight) - Indoor Adventure Golf
67 Sandown (Isle of Wight) - Beton Crazy Golf
68 Ryde (Isle of Wight) - Adventure Golf
69 Hayling Island - Adventure Golf

Stages of the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Invitational Tournament:
- 25/07/2008 Irregular Mini Golf Tour Southsea Open
- 26/07/2008 Irregular Mini Golf Tour Shanklin Classic
- 26/07/2008 Irregular Mini Golf Tour Shanklin Jungle Open
- 26/07/2008 Irregular Mini Golf Tour Rylstone Gardens Open
- 26/07/2008 Irregular Mini Golf Tour Sandown Lost World Open
- 26/07/2008 Irregular Mini Golf Tour Sandown Classic
- 26/07/2008 Irregular Mini Golf Tour Ryde Open
- 26/07/2008 Irregular Mini Golf Tour Southsea Victory Masters
- 27/07/2008 Irregular Mini Golf Tour Hayling Island Classic

Final Rankings of the Irregular Mini Golf Tour Hampshire & Isle of Wight Invitational Tournament:
1st – Richard Gottfried - 326(+76)
2nd – Emily Gottfried - 332(+82)
3rd – Christopher Gottfried - 347(+97)

I won four of the stages, Emily also won four events and Christopher collected a single win.
- Richard Gottfried – 4 wins, 4 second places, 1 third place
- Emily Gottfried – 4 wins, 3 second places, 2 third places
- Christopher Gottfried – 1 win, 4 second places, 4 third places

Within the main 125-hole tournament, we also played for ‘The Solent Cup’ – a holes-in-one competition, with the title going to the player who hit the most Aces over the three days. The Solent Cup took the place of the Irregular Mini Golf Tour Wenlock Cup which was introduced into competitive play on the Irregular Mini Golf Tour on the 3rd of February 2008. During 2008 The Wenlock Cup was awarded to the Irregular Mini Golf Tour member playing in an Irregular Mini Golf Tour sanctioned tournament that scored the most holes-in-one.

The results of The Solent Cup were:
1st – Richard Gottfried - 9 Aces
2nd – Christopher Gottfried - 7 Aces
3rd – Emily Gottfried - 6 Aces

The Isle of Wight Championship
Results from the six rounds played on the Isle of Wight:
1st – Richard Gottfried - 213(+39)
2nd – Emily Gottfried - 214(+40)
3rd – Christopher Gottfried - 224(+50)

During our trip to Hampshire and the Isle of Wight we also took part in the Hayling Island Scarecrow Festival.

- Crazy World of Minigolf Tour - list of courses visited and played


Christopher Gottfried said...

So it is official... I am the worst Gottfried on the IMG Tour. But this brings the new Hampshire & Isle of Wight Tour... Will the tide change and you'll all be swept away to the horizon?!

Richard Gottfried said...

Big Jon Boy hasn't made his debut yet. He'll be far worse than you!

Lemony said...

Ha... the worst Gottfried on the IMG Tour... at least thats not me :)

Sorry Crisbeya

Can't wait to play there again!!

Richard Gottfried said...

My fellow Minigolf enthusiast Peter 'The Crazy Aced Assassin' Jones recently spotted that the old Beton-style Minigolf course in Shanklin on the Isle of Wight has been redeveloped and is now a brand new Arnold Palmer Crazy Golf course!

The grass Putting Course has also been converted and is now a Pirate Adventure Golf course!

Emily and I can't wait to revisit the Isle of Wight and play these two new courses :-)

Check out the Shanklin Seafront website for more info and photos of the new courses.