Saturday, January 15, 2011

Course Played #19 Luton (Wardown Park) - Miniature Golf

We first played the 9-hole Miniature Golf Course at Luton's Wardown Park on the 19th May 2007, when the course (along with the Crazy Golf) re-opened having been closed since the early 'noughties'.

In our first match at the course I beat Emily 30(+3) to 39(+12). We went on to play at the course a further seven times over the summer of 2007, with a 28(+1) being the best score recorded in our rounds.

19th May 2007

2nd June 2007

28th July 2007

2nd April 2010

We played the course again in May 2010.

An interesting fact about Miniature Golf in Luton is that there has been a course in the same location in Wardown Park since the 19th June 1934!

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