Saturday, February 12, 2011

Minigolf Report - Scrap Iron Cup 5 - Bristol - Jungle Rumble

Fifth Scrap Iron Cup Minigolf Competition - Results and Report

On Saturday 12th February four members of the Midlands Minigolf Club (MMGC) and a player from the Green Mini Golf Club took part in the Johnson's Scrap Iron Cup competition played at the 36-hole Jungle Rumble Indoor Adventure Golf course at Cabot Circus in Bristol. The tournament used a two-round mixed strokeplay and matchplay format.

With Richard Gottfried, Paul Johnson and Owen Johnson paying members of the Green Mini Golf Club, as well as being long-time members of the Midlands Minigolf Club, an offer to compete for the Scrap Iron Cup was extended to Seth 'Clockwork Orange' Thomas (who was part-way through a practice round with Richard ahead of the following day's BMGA Rumble in the Jungle tournament). Seth accepted his 'Day-Pass' to the MMGC.

As at the previous staging of the Scrap Iron Cup, last month in Birmingham, five players lined-up, with the field including:

- 'Squire' Richard Gottfried
- Paul 'The Overtaker' Johnson
- Owen 'Jackpot' Johnson
- Peter 'The Crazy Aced Assassin' Jones
- Seth 'Clockwork Orange' Thomas

The top ranked player after round one was up and coming GMGC player Seth Thomas, who scored the only under-par round with a good 17(-1).

Much like the Star City hosted 4th Scrap Iron Cup in Birmingham, a play-off was again needed to decide who would join Seth as the other finalist after Paul Johnson and Richard Gottfried had both tied on 18(par). A sudden-death play-off followed and was won at the third extra-hole by Gottfried. The play off saw Paul and Richard score 2-2, 1-1 and x-2.

In the 9-hole Matchplay Match final-round Seth Thomas won 1-up in a very close match that saw both players trade Aces in the early holes, and Thomas win the match and the Johnson's Scrap Iron Cup at the 18th hole (the 9th of the match).

Full details and results are below:

Scrap Iron Cup
Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf Course, Cabot Circus, Bristol
Venue: Jungle Course (Strokeplay & Matchplay)

Round One - Strokeplay
Rank Player Score
1. Seth Thomas 17
2. Richard Gottfried 18 – won sudden-death play-off at the 3rd extra hole
3. Paul Johnson 18
4. Peter Jones 20
5. Owen Johnson 21

Round Two – Matchplay

Seth Thomas vs. Richard Gottfried

Seth Thomas wins 1-up

Photo: New Scrap Iron Cup Champion Seth 'Clockwork Orange' Thomas holds aloft some thin air, where the trophy should be, if it were not in the boot of the outgoing champion's car!

The Scrap Iron Cup 'originally' came 'packaged' in a disposable Iceland carrier bag. Somewhere between Scrap Iron Cup competitions 3 and 4 this bag was lost, so ahead of the Bristol event an Iceland Bag For Life was bought to house the prestigious trophy!

The Scrap Iron Cup Minigolf Championship will be contested again at The Green Indoor Mini Golf in February and the Jungle Rumble Course in Liverpool in March.

Scrap Iron Cup - Hall of Fame
2011 - #5 - Seth Thomas beat Richard Gottfried - Bristol
2011 - #4 - Richard Gottfried beat Cindy Kukielka - Birmingham
2010 - #3 - Owen Johnson beat Richard Gottfried - Birmingham
2010 - #2 - Richard Gottfried beat Paul Johnson - Weymouth
2010 - #1 - Richard Gottfried beat Paul Johnson - Sandbanks

Rules of the Scrap Iron Cup
• Played between members of the Midlands Minigolf Club
• Played in either groups of two, or one group, in round one
• Groups are drawn at random (often using the 'balls in a hat' technique)
• Round one is a strokeplay match played over 7, 9, 11, 12 or 18 holes
• The two players with the top scores after round one qualify for the second round/final
• Round two is a matchplay match played over 7, 9, 12 or 18 holes
• The winner of the matchplay match becomes the Scrap Iron Cup* Champion**

* The Scrap Iron Cup (aka the 'NABBA ENGLAND 95 CLASS TWO WINNER' Trophy) remains the property of Owen and Paul Johnson
** The Reigning Scrap Iron Champion retains the cup until the next defence whereupon it is given up until the next Scrap Iron Cup tournament has been completed


Seth Thomas said...

I commented on this saying great article. How can that have not been approved?

Richard Gottfried said...


Bizarre, I only had the comment from you asking about which Minigolfer Player Action Figure did we win!

You did tweet a comment about it - perhaps you're getting confused in old age ;-)

Seth Thomas said...

I posted the comment before the tweet. :)