Sunday, February 20, 2011

'LaserForce' Laser Tag in Peterborough

We were visiting friends in Peterborough today and found out there was a LaserForce Laser Tag Live Action Laser Games Arena in the City.

In the last month we (I!) seem to have become addicted to playing these futuristic warfare games! They're quick and easy to play, and great fun at a good price.

In this edition of the eternal struggle between the RED and GREEN Laser Tag teams, the GREENS were triumphant. Our team, the REDS, scored 33,653 to their 40,455.

I was the RED team's 'Top Gun' with a score of 8703, which was good enough for third place overall. Our friend Rebecca 'The Fen Tigress' Evison was third in our team on 3801, while Emily '9 Lives' Gottfried was fourth in the RED team with 3753.

The LaserForce in Peterborough was set over two levels and had some great theming. There were also eight bases/targets for players to hit, as well as a 'friend or foe' non-player-character in the battlezone known as 'The Navigator'! There is also a LaserForce in Leicester which we'll have to check out next time we're there.

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The Laser Games Arena also had a fine selection of Arcade Machines - including a fantastic and quite rare Boom-A-Rang 'Crazy Air Squash' Air Hockey Table!

Back in August 2010 we contested The Undisputed International Worlds Crazy Air Squash Championships on a similar Air Hockey Table in Hastings. This time we played the Peterborough Boom A Rang Air Squash Championships - full report to follow...


Marc Bazeley said...

The 'Lazer Games Arena'? That's a very grandiose title! Looks and sounds very good though.

Is that Peter Evison's daughter?

Richard Gottfried said...

Full report and photos from the Peterborough Boom-A-Rang Air Squash Championships

Velma said...

It's a shame we never manage to get photos of the laser quest action. That should be your next challenge.

Richard Gottfried said...

It certainly lived up to its title!

And yes, that is The Fen Tiger's Daughter. A sporting legend in her own right!