Monday, February 14, 2011

Gluten Free in Bristol - Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Carluccio's

As a Coeliac, finding places to eat out in a new town that can cater for Coeliacs by offering Gluten Free and Wheat Free options can be a nightmare.

Therefore I was very happy indeed in finding excellent service in both the Gourmet Burger Kitchen at Cabot Circus, and Carluccio's while I was in Bristol for the BMGA Rumble in the Jungle Minigolf Tournament last weekend.

I had a fantastic meal at the GBK at Cabot Circus in Bristol on Saturday night. The member of staff I spoke to there was brilliant and very knowledgeable. She made sure that my food was cooked and prepared to minimise the risk of cross-contamination. It was excellent to be able to have a main meal and a side order (the Grilled Halloumi Bites were very tasty).

At Carluccio's on Sunday afternoon I was able to have a large choice of meals and opted for the Rib Eye steak which was very nice indeed.

Both meals out were hassle-free - a big change to many experiences of eating out as a Coeliac - and both added to the enjoyment of a great weekend away in Bristol :-)

I recommend both GBK and Carluccio's - not just to Coeliacs - but to 'normal' people too ;-) I hope I am able to eat at other branches of both in the future too.

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