Thursday, February 10, 2011

Minehead & Southend on Sea - pre-Crazy World of Minigolf Tour course visits

The Crazy World of Minigolf Tour began on the 30th September 2006 and the Irregular Mini Golf Tour has grown alongside it. We've also been involved in British Minigolf Association competitions since 2007 and played in a WMF/EMF tournament in Finland in 2008.

However, before all this began Emily and I, like many other Brits, had been playing Crazy Golf and Minigolf since we were kids. One of our first holidays together was to Butlins Minehead in 2004 where we were to play the Arnold Palmer Putting Course there.

The pre-Crazy World of Minigolf Tour archives are very patchy, so results from the match-up are thin on the ground. All we remember is that there were no scorecards, it was £2.50 per player, and we were offered a second round for free, but didn't take up the offer as the course was in such poor shape!

Another, even earlier, pre-Crazy World of Minigolf Tour Minigolf visit was to the Aztec and Inca Adventure Golf courses at Adventure Island in Southend on Sea in 2003. Again, results of this contest are lost in the ether!

The Adventure Island course in Southend was the location for my BMGA Tour debut in 2007, at that year's BMGA British Masters tournament.