Monday, February 14, 2011

Laser Quest in Bristol - The Minigolfers Challenge

Following the BMGA Rumble in the Jungle Minigolf Tournament me, Marc Bazeley, Oliver Florence and Richard Skeggs headed to Bristol's Silver Street and the Old Fire Station for a Laser Quest Challenge!

Oliver and Richard had beaten us to it and by the time Marc and I arrived they had scouted out the 'course' and already played one game! With 'Ice Man' Richard Skeggs runner-up at a seven-year-old's Birthday Party!

In the following match-up the 'Ice Man' stuck with the RED team, while the rest of us joined the mighty GREENS.

The Individual Rankings:
3rd Overall - 'Squire' Richard Gottfried
5th Overall - 'Ice Man' Richard Skeggs
6th Overall - Oliver 'The Machine' Florence
14th Overall - Marc 'Snag*' Bazeley

* Marc actually gave his nickname as 'Snake' lol!?

Website of Laser Quest Bristol.

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