Wednesday, February 23, 2011

17th spot in the World Crazy Golf Championships

I've achieved the rank of 17th in the Castle Golf World Crazy Golf Championships in Hastings three times in a row (2008, 2009 and 2010), and with the launch of Peter Parr's new Minigolf Majors Results and Rankings Archive website I decided to have a look at who else achieved the 17th spot before me!

2007 - Nick Chitty
2006 - Stuart Godfrey
2005 - Jan Palmer
2004 - Trevor Exall
2003 - Sam Birkett

Link to the full list of the 'Top-18's' in the World Crazy Golf Championships.

Link to the Castle Golf World Crazy Golf Rankings 2003-2010.

Unofficial Booklet of the 2010 World Crazy Golf Championships.

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Richard Gottfried said...

In the 2012 World Crazy Golf Championship I once again managed to make the 'cut' and reach the final of the tournament. And once again I finished the competition ranked as number 17!

Last year I missed the cut and was 25th overall, with Trevor Exall taking the number 17 spot for the second time in his World Crazy Golf Championship career!