Sunday, September 27, 2020

Crazy Golf in Fleet, Hampshire

There was a pop-up crazy golf course in Fleet, Hampshire yesterday.

Pop-up crazy golf for business and retail

Fleet's Business Improvement District arranged for a pop-up crazy golf course to be a part of a fun day in Fleet town centre yesterday.


Pop-up minigolf

During the summer Lincoln Business Improvement Group created Cornhill Cove, a seaside-style pop-up crazy golf, street food and drinking area in the city centre.

It was one of a number of pop-up minigolf courses we've seen over the last 14 years.


Minigolf has grown in popularity in the last eight years and has moved from only being a traditional outdoor seaside summer activity to become a year-round game that can be played indoors, outdoors and at pretty much any time of the day.

A number of high streets, retail parks and shopping malls are now home to minigolf courses, with more new venues planned to open.

Minigolf is also a popular addition to boost footfall and create awareness and much like in the Fleet and Lincoln examples is a way to attract people to a location.

Businesses also use portable and temporary minigolf layouts for product launches and promotions.

Competitive socialising

Before the pandemic the phrase 'competitive socialising' had become a popular way to describe going out, with lots of new operators catering to the demand of a public who wanted to compete at something while eating and drinking in a nice setting.

Whether it was table tennis, darts, shuffleboard, bingo, tenpin bowling, arcade games, or minigolf, people were finding new ways to quench their thirst, have fun and compete without signing-up to a full sports league or taking things too seriously.

There are still new competitive socialising venues opening during the pandemic, including the new Roxy Ball Room at Withy Grove in Manchester.

Minigolf in the time of Coronavirus


Minigolf marketing

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