Friday, September 11, 2020

Magical Mini Golf courses

A look at some magical miniature golf courses.

Magical Miniature Golf

With news of a new magic-themed mini golf course planned to open in York next year it got me thinking about the other magical courses we've been to on our Crazy World of Minigolf Tour.

Harry Putter Crazy Golf

One of the UK's first indoor minigolf courses and one of our most visited is at Manning's Amusements in Felixstowe, Suffolk. We first played what was then known as Golf FX back in November 2006.

Harry Putter and the Magical Crazy Golf in Felixstowe

The course has gone through a number of changes through the years and has been known as Magical Golf FX, Harry Putter and the Magical Crazy Golf and Harry Putter Crazy Golf. It's now called Magical Golf.

Magical Golf in Felixstowe

Harry Putter Crazy Golf in Felixstowe

Level Preston

We've also found a 'Harry Putter' hole at Trailer Trash Jim's Crazy Golf at Level Preston.

'Harry Putter' at Trailer Trash Jim's Crazy Golf at Level Preston

Scrapheap Golf

We haven't been to Scotland for a few years now, but we're looking forward to checking out the new courses up there. One of those is a Wizard Golf layout at Scrapheap Golf in Edinburgh.

Do you know of any other magical minigolf courses?


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Richard Gottfried said...

The new Hole in Wand mini golf course in York city centre is opening in May.

Richard Gottfried said...

A new magic-themed pop-up minigolf course is opening in Denver, Colorado, USA.