Friday, May 01, 2020

May is Celiac Awareness Month

This month is Celiac Awareness Month.

Coeliac Awareness

Coeliac Disease (Celiac in the US and Canada) is a lifelong autoimmune disease caused by intolerance to gluten and the only treatment is to adhere to a strict lifelong gluten free diet.

In the UK it's estimated that 1 in 100 people have the condition, in the USA the figure is 1 in 133.

It's important to know and remember that Celiac/Coeliac is NOT an allergy, it's NOT a preference, it's NOT a fad, it's NOT a diet, it's NOT an intolerance, it's NOT a choice - it's an AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE.

Visit the Beyond Celiac website for more information.

In the UK Coeliac Awareness Week 2020 (aka Gluten Free Community Week) runs from the 11th to the 17th May.

International Coeliac Day is on Saturday 16th May.

National Celiac Disease Awareness Day is on the 13th September this year.

The week before Christmas is Gluten Free Baking Week.

This year marks my 12th year living gluten free. I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in June 2008.

Check out my gluten free, celiac and coeliac disease blog posts.

Luckily I've found some 100% gluten free places that are safe for people with Coeliac Disease. I'm really looking forward to visiting them again once the coronavirus pandemic is over.

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