Monday, December 13, 2010

Ipswich Minigolf course 'finds' on the Crazy World of Minigolf Tour

On Saturday 11th December 2010 we headed back to Ipswich and while there we popped along to the Suffolk Leisure Park as we'd heard there was a Mini Golf Putting Course there.

When we arrived we were surprised to see there was also a brand new Minigolf/Crazy Golf course being built!

The course is that new that the holes themselves have yet to be cut out!

The Putting Course/Green was unplayable as it was out-of-season.

We're looking forward to visiting and playing the new Minigolf course when we return to Ipswich.

We also found a couple of Putting Greens just outside of Ipswich on Sunday - at the Fynn Valley Golf Club in Witnesham (near Westerfield).

Back on the 24th July 2010 we played a portable Crazy Golf course in Ipswich's Christchurch Park.

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